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Asana is not a one-shape-fits-all practice. Therefore, our training covers functional anatomy and movement, teaching and sequencing methodologies for different levels of practice, pranayama, Yoga psychology, philosophy and ethics, meditation and mindfulness.
By recognizing that we are all uniquely designed, you will acquire the tools that allow you to cue skillfully to a broader population.
Rather than forcing a student into shapes, we shape the practice around the student.

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Yoga is for everybody and every body.

The YTT atmosphere in Bali was breathtaking, serene, and refreshing. It literally was a location that you could unwind, relax, and find your peace, draw closer spiritually. Meeting like-minded yogis from across the world was the most amazing experience. The friendships, discussions, differing views, supporting people added to the beautiful mix. Alicia welcomes you with open arms and quickly becomes a friend, mentor, life coach, cheerleader. Oliver is a constant joy, funny, supportive, and adds deep insight to all conversations. Their teamwork is unparalleled- you feel like a family. Their deep knowledge of anatomy, philosophy, Yoga history, and asanas are just enlightening. You can sit for hours soaking up their instruction. They slowly start putting you in the ‘drivers’ seat’ and you are teaching before you even realize. The atmosphere is nonjudgmental, and totally conducive to wonderful growth, discovery and learning. When your done, you still crave more! The staff will go to great lengths to assist you, they respect your quiet time, and will share their history, beliefs, ideologies with you if interested. It truly is the perfect location. Serenity surrounds you, and the location provides an impressive place to deepen your own personal practice and deepen your reflections and find what you are looking for in your own life. Sharing my life with other yogis, opening up, discussing, learning, listening, sharing stories and experiences was honestly so rewarding. Plus, you are learning immensely about different styles of yoga, anatomy, asanas, philosophy and psychology, history and finding where you fit into the ‘picture.’ If you want a deeper understanding of Yoga, if you want to grow and truly learn to teach yoga, or find something more about yourself, you can achieve it here with Alicia and Oliver in Bali. My best instructors, the best location, the best 4 weeks of my life. Do it for yourself.
Tracy C.
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500  Hour Certified
Yoga Teacher

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