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Asana is not a one-shape-fits-all practice. Therefore, our training covers functional anatomy and movement, teaching and sequencing methodologies for different levels of practice, pranayama, Yoga psychology, philosophy and ethics, meditation and mindfulness.
By recognizing that we are all uniquely designed, you will acquire the tools that allow you to cue skillfully to a broader population.
Rather than forcing a student into shapes, we shape the practice around the student.

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Yoga is for everybody and every body.

It has almost been one year to the day where I took the leap of faith and hopped on an air plane to Bali for Alicia’s 200 hour Yoga Works teacher training. Now that I have had one year to allow all that I had learned from Alicia and Oliver to sink in, I figured it is the perfect time to write this testimonial.For all you inspiring yoga teachers out there, I believe that there is no greater teacher training program then this one. Alicia and Oliver not only are amazingly knowledgeable in the area of yoga and how the body works, but they go above and beyond to make the experience memorable, from guest speakers, to fun outings, to bringing in some delicious treats from Bali Buda every now and again to keep the spirits high.This 200 hour program is definitely more like 300 hour program, in all that you learn and experience about the fascinating world of yoga and the journey of self discovery. I was hired on to a local studio upon returning home from the training and have been teaching ever since. I most recently left my previous career path, 12 years working in mental health to embark on the journey of becoming a full-time yoga, meditation and mindfulness instructor.I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity to have been student of Alicia’s and Oliver’s, and what they have taught me will be carried with me for a very long time.
Brandi M.
Bali 200 Hr YTT.
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500  Hour Certified
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Over 30
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