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The greatest acts of kindness start within. We believe that how well you love yourself shapes how well you love others. Paying attention to your mental, physical and emotional needs is crucial for optimal health and balance. Sometimes, you just need to step away.

Join us for any one of our quality Wellness Retreats and Adventures as we take you on a journey of what lies at the core of our ethos-daily self care. We take delight in indulging in all things you with healthy organic food, a mix of creative vinyasa flow, spa treatments, acupuncture, fun and exciting group excursions, creative journaling, uplifting dharma talks, a variety of relaxation techniques and more. Learn how to master self-love, set clear boundaries, and inspire a deeper love between you and others. You owe it to yourself.

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Self care is healthcare.​

Taking my yoga teacher training in Bali with Yogaworks was one of the best decisions of my life. I came across the Yogaworks site where I found Bali listed under the destination trainings. I immediately wrote for more detail and received a questionnaire from Alicia, which I had to complete in detail. The questions already made me think a lot and I realized that taking up the training would involve so much more than practicing yoga and talking about the anatomy and the alignment of the poses. For a natural introvert as I am, it looked like a huge challenge but, curiously enough, I did not hesitate to enroll. Alicia had given all the information about the venue, a magical place that allows you to immerse in nature. It looked enchanting from the beginning. It was really a unique experience being cut off from the civilised world and in such close contact with all the elements of nature, being fed nutritious home-made food and being treated with so much care by staff. The place itself is conducive for introspection and self- inquiry. Spending a month with very little interaction with the outside world or exposure to social media allowed all participants to bond and engage in meaningful discussions. It was amazing to see that women from different backgrounds could come together and experience a unique sense of connection and bonding, becoming friends for life. All this was in great part due to the inspiring and dedicated teachers that accompanied us in this wonderful adventure. Alicia and Oliver made me feel welcome from day one and allowed me to open up to the group at my own pace. Their classes were a combination of discipline and playfulness that would bring the best out of every participant. They are both very knowledgeable and so fond of sharing their experience with us. They encouraged us to be authentic and true and to bring our personal touch and uniqueness into our teaching. We were constantly encouraged to keep a journal and reflect on ourselves. On the other hand, we were also motivated to spend time together, interact, play fun games, act as ‘Guardian Angel’ for each other or expand our consciousness with experiences like the cacao ceremony and a breathwork session. I would really recommend this training experience to anyone who wishes to explore the immense universe of Yoga and, at the same time, learn more about themselves and how they can have a positive impact on those around them.
Tina D.
Bali 200 Hr YTT.
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500  Hour Certified
Yoga Teacher

Over 30
years teaching

and Mindfulness

FRC Mobility

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