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The greatest acts of kindness start within. We believe that how well you love yourself shapes how well you love others. Paying attention to your mental, physical and emotional needs is crucial for optimal health and balance. Sometimes, you just need to step away.

Join us for any one of our quality Wellness Retreats and Adventures as we take you on a journey of what lies at the core of our ethos-daily self care. We take delight in indulging in all things you with healthy organic food, a mix of creative vinyasa flow, spa treatments, acupuncture, fun and exciting group excursions, creative journaling, uplifting dharma talks, a variety of relaxation techniques and more. Learn how to master self-love, set clear boundaries, and inspire a deeper love between you and others. You owe it to yourself.

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Self care is healthcare.​

An empowering and transformative experience, the benefits of the YogaWorks Teacher Training in Bali with Alicia were more far reaching than I could have ever imagined. I arrived in Bali with the intention of deepening my practice and becoming more flexible in all areas of my life in order to feel more balanced and stronger. From day one, I went through a myriad of emotions, mind chatter, and physical states. I experienced the initial excitement of meeting 25 beautiful yogis from around the world that I would be spending the next five weeks with, muscle cramps from hours of daily asana, and those occasional days when you just weren’t in the mood to wake up for early morning meditation. But, Alicia and Oliver provide this indescribable space for learning and transformation to occur; a space to grow stronger, more confident, and to go inward. I learned to trust in the process and to be comfortable confronting my doubts and fears. The welcoming environment created by the staff at Pondok Pitaya, the healthy and delicious local food whipped up for us day after day, the yoga facility that overlooked the surf, the funky lodging, and the mystical surroundings made our experience one that we will never forget. Every day we spent together presented challenges, adventures, and opportunities for growth, on and off the mat, as we delved deeper into the eight limbs of yoga, Sanskrit, anatomy, workshops, ayurveda, the chakras, subtle body work, and philosophy discussions. By the end of the program in Ubud, I felt such a connection to the rest of my peers; we experienced so much together and watched each other learn, grow, and transform. Thank you for sharing your passion, Alicia and Oliver. I am more passionate about yoga and incorporating yogic philosophy into my life and my clients lives than ever before and will always hold a special place in my heart for you both and Bali.
Salman A.
Bali 200 Hr, Morocco Retreat.
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