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About Samdhana Yoga

Life experiences are woven into the fabric of who we think we are, all of which come in the form of our thoughts, neurobiology and connective tissue.

The container we call the body isn’t just fascia, or the musculoskeletal or nervous system. It’s also our story and is reflected in the ways we posture, move, and make decisions in life.

Samdhana believes that movement is medicine. Our teachings are fundamentally rooted in ethics, functional anatomy, evidence-based movement principles, and the latest research on neuroscience with the recognition that mind, body and spirit are one in the same.

Samdhana means “a peaceful coming together and healing”. It also means “giving back”. Our ethos revolves around the lived practice of Yoga in and through community to remember that everything is connected. We create a safe, sacred space for self-discovery through movement, breath work, meditation, mindfulness practice, journaling and yoga philosophy/psychology discussions. It is through remembering our wholeness that we are better able to give back and be of service in the world.

Yoga is relationship. Yoga is intimacy.

Join us in any one of our beautiful locations for teacher training, retreat or workshop to become part of our mindfulness-based community. We thrive on living the practice through daily, conscious and sustainable actions both on and off the mat.

Be the change you’d like to see in the world.


Our vision is to inspire a world with greater self-care and personal wellbeing, more kindness, less suffering, social action and a global Consciousness serving all of humanity.


We provide quality trainings and experiences that inspire a deeper thought process for necessary change. Our core values favor ethics, sustainability, balance, personal development and collective Consciousness.


Our course offerings include meditation and mindfulness, nutritional therapy, functional anatomy, Vinyasa Flow, therapeutic Yin Yoga, functional range conditioning (FRC), myofascial roll-n-release, permaculture, Thai Yoga massage, Traditional Chinese Medicine. We stay current on the latest research in neuroscience, fascial health and functional movement. Regardless of course topic, we cultivate a warm and welcoming community atmosphere for all participants to enjoy and thrive.

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