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Samdhana Yoga
Alicia Cheung co YogaWorks
2215 Main Street Bldg. C
Santa Monica CA 90405, USA
+1 8884251251

Samdhana Yoga
Prana Dewi Mountain Resort 
Alicia, Penebel
Kab. Tabanan
Bali 82113, Indonesia

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I’m a body worker who works with many of the top 44 male and female professional surfers, and my background is based in anatomy, physiology and exercise science. I went to the Bali YogaWorks Teacher training to gain a deeper insight into the potential that yoga could offer, especially for athletes, and to explore deeper levels of my own practice. I had no intention of becoming a teacher. What a beautiful surprise feeling inclined to teach upon returning home. Alicia’s training left me feeling confidently skilled. Although I was slightly nervous about the challenge of “finding my voice”, I felt well prepared to speak in front of people who were relying on my words to lead them on a journey of movement and introspection. Somehow things began to flow. It’s now 4 months later and I have 2 beginner-level students, one 67 yrs old, the other 44 yrs old. Neither had ever tried yoga before, and now they each take 2 private lessons a week. I spent the bulk of the Triple Crown Season on the North Shore with classes filled with competitive surfers. I focused on alignment points and the YogaWorks’ method of sequencing, I taught various pranayama techniques that Alicia had us practice daily, and I tried to share the experience of “turning inward” that accompanied every philosophy, asana and theory class during the training. Doing this YogaWorks training with Alicia Cheung was one of the best things I have ever done, and I continue to be pleasantly surprised by the small shifts in my life because of it.
Leah M.
Bali 200 Hr YTT.
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