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People often think that if you love Yoga, the next step is to take a 200 hour Yoga teacher training, but it’s just not true! You can go deeper without committing to a full 200 hours.

Samdhana designs workshops so that you can deepen your practice and be introduced to philosophy and other aspects covered in training. We deliver our teachings in easy, accessible ways. Join us in studios around the world to better understand your anatomy, how to advance in self-practice, get a taste for the philosophy of Yoga, Chinese Medicine, Thai Yoga Massage, permaculture and more. We are Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Providers (YACEP), and offer CEUs for anyone who is a Yoga Alliance-registered teacher.

Good teachers are lifelong students. Join us to enhance your skill set as both practitioner and teacher.

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You don’t do Yoga,
Yoga does you.​

There is no better place than Bali to immerse yourself in a Yoga TT.  Tucked away in the beauty of the mountains and rice paddies, the energy of the land and people is infectious. You are in your own sanctuary enriched by nature and the kindness of the Balinese people. I chose Bali for both my 200 and 300 hour trainings because I learn better in an immersive format, living and breathing the work.  It’s incredible how deeply you can dive into your practice, especially with Alicia and Oliver.  You are able to be vulnerable and peel the layers off, immersing in the teachings.  My favorite moments were walking barefoot, in solitude and deep reflection, amidst the sounds and calls of nature. Alicia is able to deliver challenging content in a way that is digestible and applicable to the real world.  She truly has a gift to connect with her students so they can absorb and learn effectively.  She creates an experience where you, the student, feel empowered to do the hard work for no one else but yourself.  She is not there to spoon feed, rather she teaches in a way that helps you embody the work so when you leave, you are fully prepared. Alicia and Oliver are a perfect balance. Never underestimate Oliver.  He brings lightness that is necessary in this type of training where you are doing the work 24/7.  He has a gift of making the practice playful, but is always teaching or sharing a lesson in whatever he is doing.  Both of them live the practice and teach their students to empower themselves to do the hard work. Alicia and Oliver are incredibly smart, teaching philosophy in away that is applicable to today’s world.  They taught us how to empower our own students.  Being a teacher is not about our own personal achievement, but more about selfless acts of sharing knowledge with others. You will learn how to be safe in your body and understand that all bodies are different and how to make yoga accessible to everyone. I am the teacher I am today because of both Alicia and Oliver. I highly recommend a destination training over a studio training any day.  You will not regret it.
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Bali 200 and 300 Hour YTT.
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