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The Perfect Gift for the Holidays

In what will go down as the most challenging year of our time, hindsight is probably the biggest gift and takeaway.
Yep, hindsight.

Because hindsight is indeed 2020.

This year has been a huge wake up call, and for some, maybe a rude awakening.
I never thought it would be delivered with such magnitude, but perhaps that is what 7+ billion humans need to wake up.

Some great lessons of 2020?

If you can’t go outside, go in.

To your heart.
To your story.
To the things that uplift AND ail you. Explore with compassion.

Re-evaluate the choices you’ve made.

Have they served you?
Have they served humanity?
Have they served the planet?

What is really important?
Who is really important?

Don’t take life for granted. Live it fully.
Live in a way that is kind, conscious, caring, selfless and full of self-care.

Waste no time on things that don’t matter. Move towards things that do.
Don’t take loved ones for granted. They can go at any time.

Can you use hindsight to propel you forward rather than paralyze you, to be a powerful force in your community rather than isolate you, to effectively demonstrate leadership skills that feed into your sense of purpose?

In 2021, our MindShift Master Series will infuse the neuroscience behind various practices including mindfulness techniques, formal meditation, movement principles (yes, we’re moving!), nutrition and gut health, yoga psychology, Buddhist philosophy, and some pretty cool brain-plasticizing activities. Each day you will receive information and practices to incorporate into your life so that you can experience the reshaping of your own brain, body, heart and relationships.

Start in to expand out. Cultivate inner resources and resilience and lead with compassion.

That’s our theme for 2021!

Scholarships are available. No one will be turned away for lack of funds.
Stay tuned and be well this holiday season. Enjoy being in-side.

Love and Blessings,
Alicia and Olivia