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I live half the year in an eco neighborhood in Bali, and the rest of the year as a digital nomad volunteering in the development of resilient communities. As coach & counsellor, I have been working with a broad population who’ve come to a personal or professional turning point, facilitating effective change in their lives. In my role as a trainer & facilitator, I have hosted and launched a number of community building seminars and trainings. “Powerful Presentations”, “The Art of Personal Networking”, “Behind the Mask”, “Secrets of Body language”, “The Life Game”, “Mastermind”, “Vision Quest”, “WBN Actor Centre special events” to name but a few.  My current interest lies in researching and developing resilient communities of empowered individuals who are interested in being part of social leadership incentives that focus on the motto: ‘Creating a world to which people want to belong’’. This incentive is not only inspiring but above all…timely! It is about facilitating synergy into action, networking people, projects , ideas and skills worth sharing that make a difference on the planet. 

Personal Motto

We shall not cease to be amused!


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What are you doing when you’re not teaching?

Nature walks, writing, travelling, listening to uplifting music, working on my house , developing and supporting eco related subjects and social leadership incentives

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