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About You?

I grew up in Austria and became aware at a young age of my calling and talent for meditation and healing. At fourteen, I was introduced to meditation by a Guru from India, and at the age of sixteen, I learned to practice Reiki which helped me connect to my intuitive side. That spiked my interest, and talent, for alternative healing methods. After finishing school I traveled, explored nature and the ocean, and found a way to communicate telepathically with my dog back home. This lead me to study telepathic animal communication, Light work, craniosacral therapy, and shamanistic healing. Through meditation and the various modalities I studied, I am able to support people in their healing journey by finding the source of blockages and guiding them to wholeness and finding their purpose.

Personal Motto

My work is based on mutual love and respect for every being on Earth and beyond. Nature is my greatest teacher and my greatest source of inspiration.


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What are you doing when you’re not teaching?

Enjoying life. I love to surf and spend time in and around the ocean.

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