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50-hour Yoga teacher training

Nutritional Therapy, Yoga and Myofascial Release Therapeutics Course


To participate in the 50-hour Yoga teacher training, you will need a minimum one-year yoga experience.
To be eligible for registering 100 continuing education credits with Yoga Alliance, you must already be 200-Hour certified with an accredited, Yoga Alliance-registered school.


We study in great detail Yin and Yang, Qi, Five Elements, and Meridian Theories. These theories lie at the heart of Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment protocol. Maintaining balance (homeostasis) and regular circulation of Qi and Blood are integral to the health and well being of our human existence. When there is stagnation on any level, this can lead to dis-ease.

To better understand how Nutritional Therapy works under the TCM paradigm, we start by teaching the organ correspondences as explained within the Five Elements Theory. You will study extensively the thermal and medicinal benefits of common foods, which organs they benefit, and inevitably how to eat for balance and wellbeing. Effective dietary therapy acts as your daily “medicine”, helping you to first recognize your own constitutional needs, and then eating accordingly. Use of herbal supplementation is also highly beneficial and encouraged, when necessary.

Pranayama, Meditation and Mindfulness Techniques

So much of what constitutes poor digestion has to do with matters of the heart, and this includes brain function and perception. In TCM, we call this Shen, or a person’s spirit. Mindfulness techniques will be practiced daily as a way to examine how our minds work and as it relates to the nervous system, perceptions, beliefs, and overall mental wellbeing. Diaphragmatic release techniques will be covered, coupled with advanced breath work to enhance and add a level of depth to your existing pranayama practice. We will start each morning with Vipassana meditation.


Throughout the course, we will have light discussion and journaling assignments revolving around yoga psychology, Taoist alchemy (Traditional Chinese Medicine), and Buddhist philosophy.


We will start each day with meditation, a fluid asana practice, and breathing exercises. Practice throughout the day will consist of learning myofascial release techniques, Yin postures suitable for each organ meridian line, cupping, heat therapy, scraping and more. We will end the day with Roll-n-Release and Yin yoga combined. On occasion, we do take advantage of the weather and location so surfing, swimming, etc. may also be an option for the morning activities.

What You Will Leave With

  • General knowledge regarding TCM Nutritional Therapy: the thermal and medicinal benefits of foods, which foods benefit each organ, etc.
  • A deeper practice of pranayama, meditation and mindfulness techniques aimed at improving digestive and assimilative functions
  • Safe myofascial release techniques including cupping, heat therapy, skin rolling, scraping, and various roll-n-release techniques
  • A deeper understanding of organ meridian lines and Yin yoga postures which benefit each meridian

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