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A Journey (Y)inside: Yoga Philosophy, Anatomy and Yin Yoga

August 02 –
  August 09, 2020
Railway Health Hub, WA

Have you ever thought that you were “too tight and not very good” in yoga? Or conversely, are you super bendy and think that you’re an “advanced” yogi? 

These are misconceptions and beliefs that are taught either directly or indirectly in modern asana today because of the limited understanding of functional anatomy and movement and the physiology of stretching. 

Join Jody Rooney and Judy Minnisale of Geraldton Yoga Studio, and Alicia Cheung, for an informative, fun and heartwarming workshop to learn about the human form and what it means to embody and love your own anatomy. 

This 4-hour workshop will include:

Functional Anatomy and Fascial Health

The Physiology of Stretching 

What is MyoFascial Roll-n-Release

Differences Between Mobility and Flexibility

Yin Yoga explained

Yin Yoga practice


You will learn what it takes to increase both mobility and flexibility and discover that, in fact, you don’t have “tight hamstrings” at all. After lecture, discussion and a little lab time, we will end our workshop with a relaxing, restorative and deeply therapeutic Yin yoga class. 

Dates: August 2 and 9, 2020

Location: Railway Health Hub, Geraldton, Western Australia

Time: 1-5 pm (please arrive 10-15 minutes early to register and set up)

Cost: $35 minimum donation

Both workshops are part of our Karma Yoga project, working to support and empower indigenous women and children as well as supporting the civil rights movement to eradicate systemic injustices and racism in governmental institutions in Australia. 

All proceeds will go to: 

Happy Boxes Project and National Justice Project 

If you want to donate directly to these causes, you can do so by clicking on the links above. Donations are warmly welcomed.

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I was fortunate enough to spend my summer with Alicia, taking 3 consecutive courses- 200 YTT, 100 hour Yin & MyoFasical Release, and a 50 hour TCM Nutritional Therapy course- all on a magical island in Fiji. Each course was unique in its own way, and all the material was presented in a clear, accessible way to accommodate all styles of learning.  Alicia was consistently available to help no matter how big or small an issue. She challenged me to hold up the mirror and notice my own, personal growth edges, yet doing so in a positive, supportive fashion. I feel very grateful for having had the opportunity to study yoga with a kind, loving, knowledgeable, and articulate teacher. Words will never give justice to the experience I had diving deep into my mind, body, heart & spirit. But you have to be ready and open to putting time into yourself. You will not be disappointed with the results.
Terrence Lee F.
Fiji 50, 100, 200 Hr YTT.

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