Yin Meets Yang: Cultivating Strength, Mobility and Ease

March 13 –
  March 15, 2020
‘Ohana Space Lebanon
Yin and Yang forms of Yoga are often differentiated with respect to movement speed, targeted tissues, and the length of time poses are held.  But, these ancient Chinese concepts are terms based on relativity that apply to all phenomenon, and in fact, can be applied to our movement practice in a number of creative ways to cultivate greater joint integrity and tissue balance.
Join international teacher trainer and Samdhana Yoga founder, Alicia Cheung, for her integral anatomy and movement series: “Yin Meets Yang: Cultivating Strength, Mobility and Ease”. She will take you on a journey to explore creative and challenging movement in less traditional ways to increase mindfulness, reduce common overuse injuries as seen in asana, enhance flexibility, active mobility, strength, neurological control, and ultimately, surrender.
Her lecture series will be based on the latest, evidence-based findings in movement research, functional anatomy, pain science and fascial health. You will develop new ways of improving joint integrity, neuromuscular function, reducing pain, and narrowing the gap between passive flexibility and active mobility, all of which will enhance your current asana practice. Open to practitioners wanting to deepen their practice, and for teachers, you will also cultivate a thinking process that will inspire creativity in your sequencing.
Dates: March 13-15, 2020
Location: ‘Ohana Space Yoga and Health Bar

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My YogaWorks teacher training was truly one of the best things I have done for myself. Alicia and Oliver were a great team and together they created a most amazing space for learning, listening, healing and growing. I was seeking a way to deepen my practice and give myself a month of spiritual grounding. It did all that and more. My daughter and I were lucky enough to have done this training in beautiful Bali, which in and of itself was a dream as well as a lesson. The curriculum was intense but not overwhelming. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of my time there, remember a phrase or insight from Alicia or Oliver, and take a moment to Breathe just a little more mindfully than before this experience. I miss the daily morning meditations, but can call to mind the Peace they brought me at any time, and I do so frequently. What I loved most about this program is that it was truly a Body, Mind, and Spirit experience. Alicia especially was such an inspiring guru. She takes her practice and her students seriously, and the care and presence she brings to the studio and beyond is apparent every day. Oliver too, was a breath of light, air and inspiring presence each day. I will remain forever grateful to Alicia and Oliver for their teaching, and to myself for having the wherewithal to embark on this journey. It’s one that will last a lifetime.
Sandra H.
Bali 200 Hr YTT.

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