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Yin Meets Yang: Cultivating Strength, Mobility and Ease

March 06 –
  March 08, 2020
Bucharest, Romania
Yin and Yang forms of Yoga are often differentiated with respect to movement speed, targeted tissues, and the length of time poses are held.  But, these ancient Chinese concepts are terms based on relativity that apply to all phenomenon, and in fact, can be applied to our movement practice in a number of creative ways to cultivate greater joint integrity and tissue balance.
Join international teacher trainer and Samdhana Yoga founder, Alicia Cheung, for her integral anatomy and movement series: “Yin Meets Yang: Cultivating Strength, Mobility and Ease”. She will take you on a journey to explore creative and challenging movement in less traditional ways to increase mindfulness, reduce common overuse injuries as seen in asana, enhance flexibility, active mobility, strength, neurological control, and ultimately, surrender.
Her lecture series will be based on the latest, evidence-based findings in movement research, functional anatomy, pain science and fascial health. You will develop new ways of improving joint integrity, neuromuscular function, reducing pain, and narrowing the gap between passive flexibility and active mobility, all of which will enhance your current asana practice. Open to practitioners wanting to deepen their practice, and for teachers, you will also cultivate a thinking process that will inspire creativity in your sequencing.
Dates: March 6-8, 2020
Location: TBD

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My heart gets warm every time I think of the amazing two months I spent in Morocco with Alicia and Oliver. I was lucky enough to be part of both the 200 and 100 hour courses, and boy, what an experience! I went to these YTTs with the sole purpose of deepening my physical practice. Little did I know that the next 2 months were going to be challenging and life transforming. I chose the destination format to get out of my comfort zone; new country, new culture, new experience, and an amazing group widened my horizons. The location was ideal on so many levels, waking up by the beautiful coast, enjoying the magical sunset everyday, meeting the most genuine and hospitable locals all added to the experience. I expected a change and some emotional transformation, and these factors added a lot of feelings to an already overwhelming experience. Alicia and Oliver made both courses valuable and enjoyable at the same time. Applying different teaching techniques, they made the courses accessible to everyone. They created a beautiful, safe environment where everyone had an opportunity to grow. Encouraging everyone to take the space to go deep inside and discover his or her inner truth. On a personal note, I learnt to love more, express more, be true to myself and always stand up for what I want whilst staying soft and kind. Their love and passion for teaching is contagious, you can’t help but aspire to translate their teachings into your own classes. This is not to forget the high level of education that you will receive in anatomy, alignment, asana, sequencing, adjustments and a hint of Thai massage. Their asana classes are creative and challenging leaving you feeling rejuvenated, positive and stronger everyday. The sequences are stuck with me and I constantly apply them in my classes back home. It takes a whole lot of courage to leave your everyday life and commit to a new lifestyle away from everything that’s familiar, but it will be very enriching and will give you a new outlook on life coming back home. A destination format is ideal for someone looking to experience a new side of life. I started teaching a week after coming back from my training, feeling positive and honored everyday to have taken part of this journey along amazing humans; students and teachers alike.
Serah B.
Morocco 100 and 200 Hr YTTs.

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