Yin Meets Yang: Cultivating Strength, Mobility and Ease

March 06 –
  March 08, 2020
Bucharest, Romania
Yin and Yang forms of Yoga are often differentiated with respect to movement speed, targeted tissues, and the length of time poses are held.  But, these ancient Chinese concepts are terms based on relativity that apply to all phenomenon, and in fact, can be applied to our movement practice in a number of creative ways to cultivate greater joint integrity and tissue balance.
Join international teacher trainer and Samdhana Yoga founder, Alicia Cheung, for her integral anatomy and movement series: “Yin Meets Yang: Cultivating Strength, Mobility and Ease”. She will take you on a journey to explore creative and challenging movement in less traditional ways to increase mindfulness, reduce common overuse injuries as seen in asana, enhance flexibility, active mobility, strength, neurological control, and ultimately, surrender.
Her lecture series will be based on the latest, evidence-based findings in movement research, functional anatomy, pain science and fascial health. You will develop new ways of improving joint integrity, neuromuscular function, reducing pain, and narrowing the gap between passive flexibility and active mobility, all of which will enhance your current asana practice. Open to practitioners wanting to deepen their practice, and for teachers, you will also cultivate a thinking process that will inspire creativity in your sequencing.
Dates: March 6-8, 2020
Location: TBD

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I can’t emphasize enough how wonderful Alicia and the Yoga Works program are! Alicia has many years of yoga teaching experience, and it shows through her extensive knowledge and intuitive teaching style. While she has studied and practiced the Iyengar style thoroughly, which influences her very specific teaching cues for alignment, she also has studied and practiced wide ranging styles of yoga. Her broad experience makes for extremely well rounded classes and lessons. Alicia offers excellent instruction and ample opportunities to practice and fine tune your teaching skills. She provides honest feedback and was always willing to stay after class to answer questions about homework, class sequences, or, well, anything!What made our training so special is what happened after our Yoga Works material was covered. Alicia set up a variety of activities that furthered our learning and growth; whether it was her planning a hike to the local natural hot springs, assigning journal writing assignments, setting up a fun movie night, providing extra lessons about yoga psychology or the relationship between neurology and yoga, or asking massage therapists and healers to visit all those who were interested. These extras really amplified the worth of the program and how much we, the students, took away from it.Additionally, it takes a wise teacher, like Alicia, to tune into how the students are feeling and what they actually need. She kept us on track and motivated throughout the program. She is organized, energetic, honest and passionate about her work. Her assistant, Oliver, is kind, patient, and has plenty of yoga teaching experience as well. I really enjoyed when Alicia and Oliver would bring in their other interests and practices, like Thai massage and acupuncture. Alicia and Oliver are the perfect team, like the yin and yang balance.I had such a well-rounded experience with the Yoga Works training with Alicia and it surpassed my greatest expectations. Not only do I feel prepared to teach yoga given the scope of information we learned regarding anatomy, sequencing, teaching cues/ language, yoga history, etc., but I’ve gained much more. Through the experience I have let go of what no longer serves me and feel that I’m living my life’s purpose more fully. I am full of gratitude to Alicia, Oliver, and the yogis that were part of our training.
Stephanie D.
Bali 200 Hr YTT.

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