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MindShift Oct 18 to Nov 14

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4 Week Mindfulness Program

Until now, life offered a level of certainty. We worked, saved money, paid our bills, traveled, and enjoyed a reasonably comfortable life. Then, a pandemic and collapsing economy and ecosystem thrust us into a deep abyss with feelings of uncertainty. What next?

Our world has faced drastic changes at an accelerated rate in so little time. With that comes our individual embodiment of (what will probably be)  our greatest year of reckoning. This is a time when we’re being called to ask ourselves some very important questions as we try to navigate through the unknown, as we try to survive and keep it together.

If you are feeling lost, having trouble sleeping, are foggy-headed, overwhelmed, depressed, or anxious, know that you are not alone. For many, this is a part of our new normal.