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The Perfect Gift for the Holidays

In what will go down as the most challenging year of our time, hindsight is probably the biggest gift and takeaway. Yep, hindsight. Why? Because hindsight is indeed 2020. This year has been a huge wake up call, and for

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Be The Change

A look back at history reveals how horrific, large scale atrocities can offer moments for pause, questioning, and empathy. The current, collective response to the Black Lives Matter movement is long overdue, and yet quite promising. Thanks to technology, smart

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Yoga as Preparation for Death

What does your Yoga practice prepare you for? Inversions? Arm balances? Hip openers? Meditation? Attracting thousands of followers on Instagram? Teachers often talk about getting outside one’s comfort zone as a way to recognize challenges during practice. Vinyasa enthusiasts love the tapas in an

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8 Ways to Practice Yoga Now

I heard you can now hear the birds singing in Wuhan, and that swans and dolphins can be seen in the canals of Venice. Nature is starting to reveal its utter beauty because humans have been asked, or rather forced,

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The older I get, the more I appreciate the simplest things. Yesterday morning, Olivia and I took a walk on the beach sharing our mutual excitement for our upcoming trip to California. As we passed Ani, our favorite “coconut lady”,

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