My YogaWorks teacher training was truly one of the best things I have done for myself. Alicia and Oliver were a great team and together they created a most amazing space for learning, listening, healing and growing. I was seeking a way to deepen my practice and give myself a month of spiritual grounding. It did all that and more. My daughter and I were lucky enough to have done this training in beautiful Bali, which in and of itself was a dream as well as a lesson. The curriculum was intense but not overwhelming. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of my time there, remember a phrase or insight from Alicia or Oliver, and take a moment to Breathe just a little more mindfully than before this experience. I miss the daily morning meditations, but can call to mind the Peace they brought me at any time, and I do so frequently. What I loved most about this program is that it was truly a Body, Mind, and Spirit experience. Alicia especially was such an inspiring guru. She takes her practice and her students seriously, and the care and presence she brings to the studio and beyond is apparent every day. Oliver too, was a breathe of light, air and inspiring presence each day. I will remain forever grateful to Alicia and Oliver for their teaching, and to myself for having the wherewithal to embark on this journey. It’s one that will last a life time.

Sandra Hale, Massage Therapist
Bali Fall 2016

Serah yoga-76

My heart gets warm every time I think of the amazing two months I spent in Morocco with Alicia and Oliver. I was lucky enough to be part of both the 200 and 100 hour courses, and boy, what an experience! I went to these YTTs with the sole purpose of deepening my physical practice. Little did I know that the next 2 months were going to be challenging and life transforming. I chose the destination format to get out of my comfort zone; new country, new culture, new experience, and an amazing group widened my horizons. The location was ideal on so many levels, waking up by the beautiful coast, enjoying the magical sunset everyday, meeting the most genuine and hospitable locals all added to the experience. I expected a change and some emotional transformation, and these factors added a lot of feelings to an already overwhelming experience.

Alicia and Oliver made both courses valuable and enjoyable at the same time. Applying different teaching techniques, they made the courses accessible to everyone. They created a beautiful, safe environment where everyone had an opportunity to grow. Encouraging everyone to take the space to go deep inside and discover his or her inner truth. On a personal note, I learnt to love more, express more, be true to myself and always stand up for what I want whilst staying soft and kind. Their love and passion for teaching is contagious, you can’t help but aspire to translate their teachings into your own classes. This is not to forget the high level of education that you will receive in anatomy, alignment, asana, sequencing, adjustments and a hint of Thai massage.

Their asana classes are creative and challenging leaving you feeling rejuvenated, positive and stronger everyday. The sequences are stuck with me and I constantly apply them in my classes back home.

It takes a whole lot of courage to leave your everyday life and commit to a new lifestyle away from everything that’s familiar, but it will be very enriching and will give you a new outlook on life coming back home. A destination format is ideal for someone looking to experience a new side of life.

I started teaching a week after coming back from my training, feeling positive and honored everyday to have taken part of this journey along amazing humans; students and teachers alike.

Serah Barakat
Morocco 100 and 200 Hour Teacher trainings, 2017


Choosing to do my 200 HR Teacher Training in Bali with Alicia and Oliver was one of the best, most life changing decisions that I’ve ever made. It wasn’t an easy one. It is a huge commitment both of time and place. I prayed for a sign. I got one. I got two! They came the day after the prayer! So if you are currently looking for a sign as to whether you should make this difficult decision – here it is. GO! YES!

I chose to be completely removed from my life at home to learn to teach yoga, because I wanted my foundation to be rock solid and full of transformative experience. I wanted for my future students to be able to feel Bali. I read the reviews of Alicia’s teaching and was sold, but honestly one could never truly put into words how profound the experience of learning from her actually is. It will change everything. Yes, she and Oliver will give you a rock solid, teaching foundation. You will receive a tremendous education in anatomy, bodily structure variations and limitations, asana and alignment, class sequencing and adjustments. You will leave so confident in your ability to teach a yoga class. However, this, this is just a tiny piece of what you will be gifted. Their lessons reach far beyond the mat.

Oliver will make you laugh. He will also make you think. He will make you challenge the way you think. His playful but insightful teaching style is refreshing and so welcomed while undertaking such an extensive program. Oliver’s asana classes are creative and comical and difficult in an intelligent way – they will inspire you to teach similarly. He brings a definite lightness to the seriousness of the study and practice of yoga. His patience and positive reinforcement create an atmosphere conducive to learning and growing as a student / future teacher. Oliver will open your mind to new and freeing principles that when applied to life will allow sacred space for love and expansion, and possibility.

Alicia will guide you on your own beautiful / possibly terrifying journey within. She will create the space for you to go deep inside and connect to that place that perhaps has been forgotten, or misunderstood, or ignored. Her presence is powerful. She will ignite your own inner power. You will see your truth and little by little you will learn to love, honor, and express it. She connects with you just as equally as she connects with every other student. Alicia will meet you on your level then elevate you to your next. She will actively listen to your heart and actually hear what you are saying, even if you do not. She honors each students’ process and empowers them to do the same, both for themselves and for others. She is a force. She has high expectations for her students. She will challenge you. You will rise to meet them – you will grow to challenge yourself. Just as serious and disciplined as she is, she is equally soft and compassionate and vulnerable, and loving, and nurturing, and emotionally available. She teaches you to be the same. One moment she will be laughing so big and so easily, and the next, tears will be welling in her bright, discerning, empathetic eyes. Alicia is a gift, and she loves what she does, and it shows, and her students feel that. Her passion and her playfulness is contagious. You will leave your training a different person, a better person. You will understand your potential and the difference you can make in the world. You will meet your life on higher ground. You will awaken to the you you’ve always been – ya just needed Alicia to do the reintroduction.

It has only been one month after my time in Bali as I write this. I am teaching. I’m excited everyday at the possibility of being me – at the possibility of my positive impact upon others. I wanted so much for my future students to feel Bali. Now, now I know that even more profoundly, they will feel Alicia and Oliver. I could never thank them enough. And I could go on and on and on. I am beyond honored to call myself their student.

Cortney Cooper
Bali October 2016


“Having the chance to do yoga training in Fiji was a chance I’d never thought I would get. And yet I did it, I was there, and I made it through! Being in paradise wasn’t even the best part. Alicia and Oliver are the most amazing teachers anyone can ask for. Alicia’s love and support were essential in my journey. Oliver’s fun loving spirit always put a smile on my face. I learned more than I could have hoped for and broke through long held fears to become the best person I could be. I will forever be grateful to them, to Leuleuvia, and for the lifelong friends I made along the way. “

Nina Nakamura
Los Angeles, CA
Fiji Summer 2016


Growing up with my mother as a Yoga teacher, I was naturally bound to submerge my studies and become a teacher as well. So, when the time came at 18-years old, my mom made sure that I attended the best of the best. This is when my journey began with Alicia Cheung and Oliver Reinsch…

My first training was a 200-hour YTT Intensive through the material of YogaWorks on the Big Island of Hawaii at Kalani Retreat Center. If there is one word that would describe my experience over the course of those 5 weeks, it would be… MAGIC. This magic was rigorously profound as the experience was both humbling and liberating. The first week, I admit, I was overwhelmed with material, but Alicia and Oliver broke it down in an approachable way that was gloriously diverse, introspective, deliberate, experiential, social, and relatable. They have a unique style of teaching that flows with grace and intelligence.Their discipline calls upon contemplative reflection in which you are destined to grow from.

The 100-hour Yin & Myofascial Release YTT was absolutely profound within itself. This training was held at the breathtaking Paradis Plage resort in Agadir, Morocco which added a whole level of magnificence. Naturally, I was “yinned-out” the entire time. The experience all together was relaxed deeply reflective, like a Yoga vacation retreat (but with some engaging anatomy material). Alicia and Oliver led this training in a balanced way, maintaining awareness of both the Yin and Yang properties. It ultimately complemented the brilliance of depth and inner wisdom, immersing us into the proprioceptive intelligence of our own body, mind, and spirit in which enhance the flow of our innate energetic forces.

There is no doubt that students of Samdhana Yoga transform during these trainings. I have learned so much about myself over the progression of my studies with them. One being that I unconsciously overdo just about everything. It took me until near the end of the Yin (second) training to realize that Alicia and Oliver recognized this imbalance of mine early on in the 200-hour (first) course! Looking back, I recall moments when they grounded me in guidance and reached out to my highest self. As a result, I was eventually able t identify my sense of overdoing and mindfully cultivate the “Brahmacharya” (simplicity) that my being longed for. Because of this newly-found unhealthy habit, I now emphasize the important balance of complexity vs. simplicity each and everyday in both my teachings and personal life.

I highly recommend destination trainings to all who consider this option. There is a quality of focus that is difficult to endure otherwise in which I have found to be key to the learning process of this material. Due to the heightened level of self-observation, students are destined to evolve and thrive in only the most divine ways. As Oliver said to my first group, “These intensives are like diving head first in a pool of yoga,” and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I say with confidence that Samdhana Yoga was the best option for me to deepen my studies and establish my teachings, thus, watering the tiny seed of my eternal growth.

Christina Kaplan, yoga teacher and artist
Hawaii 2014
Morocco 2016


I was fortunate enough to spend my summer with Alicia, taking 3 consecutive courses- 200 YTT, 100 hour Yin & MyoFasical Release, and a 50 hour TCM Nutritional Therapy course- all on a magical island in Fiji.

Each course was unique in its own way, and all the material was presented in a clear, accessible way to accommodate all styles of learning.  Alicia was consistently available to help no matter how big or small an issue.

She challenged me to hold up the mirror and notice my own, personal growth edges, yet doing so in a positive, supportive fashion. I feel very grateful for having had the opportunity to study yoga with a kind, loving, knowledgeable, and articulate teacher. Words will never give justice to the experience I had diving deep into my mind, body, heart & spirit. But you have to be ready and open to putting time into yourself.

You will not be disappointed with the results.

Terrence Lee Foster, chef
Fiji 2016


I went into this YTT with only love and knowledge of the physical practice. Little did I know that the next 5 weeks were going to challenge me in new and exciting ways and completely change my perspective. Bali, the island of the Gods, is the perfect setting of tranquility, simplicity and nature. You can’t help but feel connected and supported by all the nature and beauty around you.

The content is comprehensive and well balanced covering anatomy, alignment, injury management, pranayama, philosophy and more. Alicia and Oliver are incredible teachers and support all types of learning styles whether it be reading or experiential. Alicia and Oliver gave real life context around everything and made it very relatable. Alicia puts her heart and soul into this training. She’s focused, committed, knowledgeable and creates an experience that opens your heart and mind, not just to Yoga but to extraordinary possibilities that lie within yourself.

Melissa Cairns, Sydney, Australia
Morocco 2016 and Bali January 2015


Going to the YogaWorks teacher training in Bali with Alicia and Oliver was one of the best decisions I ever made. I often weigh my decisions in all directions to make sure I’m making the right decision, but this time, as soon as I read the first email from Alicia, I knew that this was where I should go. A month before applying, teaching yoga was not even something I considered as I was on the other side of the spectrum- I am a financial auditor!

I ended up going to Bali and I was surrounded by green rice fields and smiling, friendly villagers. It was the perfect place to spend 5 intense weeks where I could finally breathe deeply. Because of this idyllic location, I could focus 100% on myself without all the “to dos” and without the millions of choices we face everyday, and at the same time as all of this I was learning so many new things! I was learning about myself, human anatomy, injury prevention, discovering the subtle body, how to teach yoga and how to incorporate yoga philosophy into daily life which I am continuously working on so that I can have a clear mind even here in the “real” world.

Alicia interviews each student before they are accepted, which resulted in an amazing group. I have made new friends for life from all around the world!

Alicia and Oliver really put 200% of their energy into the training and were always available to talk, process and committed to getting to know each one of us. We spent time together during meals, played and relaxed by the pool and even on the days off they organized activities for us such as snorkelling, planting rice, hiking and rafting through rice fields, movie nights (with the frogs:)), pizza lunch and visiting local hot springs!

These activities and all the additions to the course such as meditation, learning free diving breathing, yin yoga, teaching yoga to disabled children and locals, the visits of healers, an osteopath and an Ayurvedic teacher and an introduction to Thai massage and Chinese Medicine are thanks to Alicia and Oliver’s dedication to making this training so special and unique and experience. They are the perfect team and are so inspirational. I am so grateful for this experience and it exceeded any expectations I had. It is thanks to them that I started teaching already in the first week after returning to Luxembourg!

Amelie Kuylenstierna, Luxembourg
Morocco 2016 Bali 2015


I loved the the Yin Yoga Myofascial Release Course in Agadir, Morocco, because Alicia’s groups are always so diverse, yet we are all on a journey and have similar life challenges and suffering. I love Alicia’s direct, methodical structure and honesty in her teaching while Oliver is gentle, fun-loving and patient. I would most definitely recommend this Yin Yoga Course to students and teachers alike. Morocco is so conducive to practice Yin. Being in such a beauiful place by the ocean and nature induces so much love and gratitude.

Anyone who thinks yoga is just about the physical practice will be pleasantly surprised what they will discover about themselves. You will leave the program with gratitude, humility and profound insights of themselves.

Angelic Cheah, Philanthropist, Singapore
Morocco, January 2016 and Bali, Fall 2014


I liked the Yin Yoga and Myofascial Release Techniques Course in Morocco because I discovered new techniques of relaxation, and we learned a lot about anatomy, fascia, and meridians. It was an intense experience, which helped me to relax, learn and charge my batteries for the whole year. I loved the energizing morning practice and the evening Yin class embraced by the colors of the sunset that made it so magical.

The course allowed me to rediscover my femininity, and I learned to enjoy and accept myself in a deeper way, I regained confidence in me and my work and I reconfirmed that I am on a good track.

Alicia is organized and energetic when she teaches. The structure of her teaching makes complicated material seem so easy. She uses all tools and methods of learning in her teaching (tactile, kinesthetic, visual, auditory) which allows everyone to understand.
Oliver’s teaching style is playful and he has a good energy and is very relaxed. Everything he says is clear and simple.

This course is ideal for those wanting to deepen their understanding of yoga and myofascial release techniques, but philosophically, you learn a lot about how to live the practice… You learn how to help yourself but also how you can be useful to others.

Morocco is a beautiful country with very good energy and a pleasant climate. I felt like a princess there. Everyone is very friendly and wiling to help you, to serve you and make you happy. After this experience I declare myself in love with Morocco, I wish some day to return.

Alicia and Oliver, thank you for making this happen! I am grateful I met you!

Alina Grecu, Personal Trainer and Yoga Teacher, Romania
Morocco, January 2016 and Bali, January 2015


Alicia taught us with passion, truth, love and depth. It is rare to find someone so authentic and willing to share their true self with a bunch of individuals from all around the world. She is not only real and understanding, but firm and fair.

Her depth of knowledge goes beyond the books as it delves into her experiences in life and as a teacher. Alicia is raw and best of all she actually cares. I found myself instantly drawn to her, as there is something about her presence that just simply radiates and encourages you to be your better self (one of the strong philosophy’s of yoga).

Her teaching style allows you to feel confident and at ease knowing that you will be able to not only know the material, but excel at it. If you had told me before the training that after 4 weeks I would be confident enough to teach a community by the end of it all I would have thought to myself absolutely no way, however her training techniques, confidence in you and guidance helped me to stand up in front of 23 volunteers and teach a part of an asana practice for my very first time.

It’s not about ego or being better then one another, it is about doing the best you can and being ok when you make a mistake. Alicia ingrains this belief and the content into you so it just becomes second nature, I now feel as though I walk, talk and feel everyday in Tadasana (mountain pose) everywhere I go as best as I can try to create balance with in life and myself.

Their was not a day that went by where there wasn’t a surprise waiting for us, or an “a-ha moment”, as she likes to call them (your moment of oh now I get it), funny outbursts and just a lot of love and fun times.

Oh and if you’re lucky enough to get the added bonus of being adjusted, cuddled and being immersed with love by the mini Alicia, (Olivia), embrace it as it creates for added energy, spunk and contagious smiles making the experience even more authentic and special. Fell in love with the little cutie pie.

Thank you, Alicia, for making my Yoga teacher training experiences everything it could have been and so much more.

Candice Rubin, Holistic Nutritional Counselor, Melbourne, Australia
Morocco, January 2016 and Hawaii, Summer 2015


I can’t say enough wonderful things about my experience as a student in the YogaWorks 2015 teacher training in Bali with Alicia Cheung and Oliver Reinsch. Before entering the training, I had heard that doing a YTT was “life changing”. I prefer to use the word “life enhancing”… because what this magical month did was bring out all the very best parts of me that were hidden below the surface. Alicia and Oliver aren’t just skillful and compassionate teachers…they are beautiful and soulful human beings. It was clear from day one that they love what they do…. they brought so much spirit, laughter, love, intelligence, and honesty to every day of the training. In addition to Alicia and Oliver’s support, we all had the support of our fellow teachers-in-training… truly an amazing group, and I’m so grateful that we all continue to support each other to this day. The remote, natural setting of our peaceful resort in the mountains of Bali was ideal to do this level of deep work. I honestly never believed I would be ready to teach after one month, but thanks to them and the YogaWorks method of teaching, I left knowing that I had all the tools and confidence I needed to excel as a yoga teacher. I am so grateful to have been able to participate in this experience, and wouldn’t hesitate to train with them again! They’re awesome!

Melinda DiOrio, photographer
Bali 2015


On October 2, 2015 one of the most incredible experiences of my life began. I did not know what to expect from a teacher training and if it was what I needed. But what I learnt in 5 weeks is beyond anyone’s imagination.
Prana Dewi is the personification of beauty and peace. Alicia and Oliver have created a secure environment for those who want to come and learn. The work that they put in everyday inspires us to do the same. The day starts with beautiful meditation practices with the noises of just nature surrounding you. You have classes on anatomy and philosophy that help you go deeper into the practice. The amazing teachings on asana build up your confidence in taking a yoga class.

Being a yoga teacher is not just about the ability to teach asana. It goes beyond that. This is something that Alicia and Oliver emphasize. The residential format in a place like Prana Dewi where you are away from ‘modern’ life gives you space to try and incorporate the philosophy of yoga into your daily life. There is no TV, no internet and your mobile probably won’t get network here! You are surrounded by noises of birds, geckos and trees. You get amazingly fresh food without any preservatives. This is not like doing a weekend training; this is will change the way you live your life.

Alicia’s teaching style is energetic, motivated and rigorous! Her passion for yoga comes thru everyday. She has put in a lot of work to organize this program and it shows. Her yoga classes that lasted between 2-3 hours make you feel rejuvenated and teach you so much about being a future teacher. She has created a perfect environment of love and discipline. There are the intense days of asana and classes and then she organizes these amazing trips to go hiking and snorkeling. Then there are the movie nights and massages!! You realize how lucky you are to have a teacher like her when you are teaching your first class and can hear her voice guiding you through it!
I am a Doctor who was a little lost as to what to do next when I started this training. But being surrounded by Alicia, Oliver and an inspiring group of women has given me a clear mind and tools to help myself plan my future. You make friends for a lifetime here. I have learnt to see the beauty in other people and learn from them. Those few weeks have helped me conquer my fears and taught me the joy of love and acceptance.
If you are thinking about doing this course, then stop thinking and just go for it!! You will never be ready to go thru this experience. Be prepared to do the work. This is more a 300 hour program than a 200 hour program. 100% attendance is expected. There is a lot of new information thrown at you and you share some part of yourself with people around you everyday. It is an emotionally draining experience. At the end of it you come out with a new perspective on life, you learn to find peace in the middle of a noisy traffic jam in India and you start seeing beauty in the things around you. If you fall off this new path you can hear Alicia and Oliver’s voice resonating within you to help you get back on it. This course will be one of the best decisions of your life and you will fall in love. In love with yoga, with your teachers, with the others in your group and with the spirit of Prana Dewi.

Vijaya Velagapudi, Doctor, Hyderabad, India


I was the YogaWorks Destination Teacher Training contest winner, and I chose to attend the 200 Hour YogaWorks Teacher Training (residential format) in Hawaii with Alicia and Oliver. I can honestly say choosing this training was one of the best decisions I have ever made! Alicia’s training in the residential format allows you to leave behind all external influences and truly, deeply focus on your yoga practice.

I would definitely recommend her training for anyone who wants to go above and beyond the Yoga Alliance 200 hour requirements. At her training, I thoroughly learned how to teach yoga, engaged in deep discussion about yoga philosophy, and had a chance to examine myself in the company of a close-knit community of yogis who became, throughout the course, my close friends. Additionally, I got lots of teaching practice, including teaching a karma yoga class free of charge to community members at the end of the training. We also made time for fun excursions–we snorkeled, hiked, and checked out the local market on the weekends!

Alicia’s teaching style is rigorous and exacting, yet fluid and creative. She is a compassionate teacher who truly embodies and lives out what she teaches. No matter where you are on your yoga journey, she will meet you where you are and push your thinking and your practice to the next level. Alicia led the training in such a way that I emerged not only a yoga instructor, but a happier, more centered and fulfilled person. I cannot recommend her training more highly!

Isabel Pennings, Idaho, Hawaii 2015


I am fortunate to have been with the best team and to be mentored by two of the most skilled and talented mentors ever in the yoga circle.

I was very impressed and pleased by how the curriculum was put together. Choosing the residential format was the best decision I ever made. The entire program is truly superlative. I was able to understand every body’s limitations and why it’s always best to practice safely and customize your approach. I learnt that yoga is beyond the physical practice – it’s about acceptance-acceptance of who you are and what you are capable of doing. It also enables you to move within your limitations and embrace change.

The way Alicia teaches guarantees that what you learn on the mat translates to what you can apply off the mat. She explains the concepts and theories in practical terms thoroughly and then she will allow everyone to understand these by doing it ourselves. She has the gift of influencing people without putting in much effort. What sets this training apart is how much of herself she’s given to ensure that our learning goes beyond the asana. I am deeply honored to be her student.

The residential format is by far the best way to learn and get trained since your focus is limited to just yourself and yoga. It enables you to further deepen your practice without the hassle of daily commute and other things that will keep you from fully digesting what you learn in class. The residential format also allows you to appreciate your surroundings – the environment and the people you’re with.

Honeybee Carmona, Studio Owner and Yoga Teacher, Phillipines


Bali is an extraordinary place for a Yoga Teacher Training!
It served as the most beautiful nest to study, grow, explore and germinate as a full-fledged yoga teacher. From a physical perspective, wow, Bali truly has some stunning landscapes – bright green rice fields, striking Mount Batukaru, tree filled jungles and effervescent coastlines.
As a teacher, Alicia is such a powerhouse! She is nonjudgmental and approached everyone with love, respect, and openness. Furthermore, she is remarkably aware and sensitive towards people’s inherent differences and their unique set of past experiences. She built a loving, safe place for each student to connect to their bodies, minds and souls; I felt encouraged to love and accept myself and to believe in my own inner strength and beauty.
Alicia also has the fire and willingness to push and guide people towards their growth edge, which provided the essential mirror and support for transformation. She embodies and personifies: vibrancy, pulsing life force, joy, radiance, calm grounding, and authentic heart energy. She spreads empowerment and the motivation to feel and seek the sensation of being fully alive. She’s truly ‘living the path’ of yoga in every way.
I also loved Alicia’s teaching style – it was engaging, dynamic and participatory. The way she presented (what was a ton of new information!) felt absorbable – she used many modes of teaching to achieve this, including: out load verbal repetition, having students demo, and using visual aids. Alicia taught all the branches of yoga and had intention everyday to bring new insights to our attention.
Alicia truly puts her heart and soul into this course. She makes it her course – it is way beyond what you would get at an in-studio YTT (and just about anywhere else I think!). Beyond just the Yoga Works curriculum, Alicia made this course fuller, richer and way more meaningful! Her wide array of knowledge undeniably made this course unique. She beautifully integrated lectures on philosophy, subtle body, chakras, yin yoga, and Traditional Chinese Medicine into the curriculum.
I am so truly grateful for the experience she created, the space she held and the love, laughter, and vibrancy she exuded everyday.
Walking away from the course I feel completely confident I can go and teach a class; and I also have an even deeper understanding of yoga than what I’d share with students in an hour-long class.
Without question a residential program is the way to go! This format allows for profound transformation and the opportunity for true heart connection with fellow YTT students. Stepping outside of your daily routine, your patterns, your family, your friends, your work, and maybe even your country allows the time and space to truly embody all of what you will be learning. To anyone feeling hesitant, I would say – LEAP and do it! This experience will positively impact all other areas of your life upon returning and be an unforgettable journey and adventure.
I miss my group’s sacred circle of wise words; I miss our vast and far reaching conversations; and I miss our endless laughter!

Cat Davis, USA – Bali January 2015


It has almost been one year to the day where I took the leap of faith and hopped on an air plane to Bali for Alicia’s 200 hour Yoga Works teacher training. Now that I have had one year to allow all that I had learned from Alicia and Oliver to sink in, I figured it is the perfect time to write this testimonial.

For all you inspiring yoga teachers out there, I believe that there is no greater teacher training program then this one. Alicia and Oliver not only are amazingly knowledgeable in the area of yoga and how the body works, but they go above and beyond to make the experience memorable, from guest speakers, to arranged outings, to bringing in some delicious treats from Bali Buddha every now and again to keep the spirits high.
This 200 hour program is definitely more like 300 hour program, in all that you learn and experience about the fascinating world of yoga and the journey of self discovery. I was hired on to a local studio upon returning home from the training and have been teaching ever since. I most recently left my previous career path, 12 years working in mental health to embark on the journey of becoming a full-time yoga, meditation and mindfulness instructor.

I couldn’t be more grateful for the opportunity to have been student of Alicia’s and Oliver’s, and what they have taught me will be carried with me for a very long time.

Brandi Matheson, Abbosford, B.C., Canada – Bali 2014


Teaching training with Alicia was a life changing experience for me. Not only has her teaching improved my physical practice and given me the confidence and tools to teach regular yoga classes, but her teaching also had a profound impact on my life as a whole. She creates a sacred environment and lovingly keeps the space for individuals, allowing them to find their way to their True self. I am eternally grateful to Alicia for everything she provided me. Whether your planning to become a yoga teacher or not, I highly recommend taking her teacher trainings … your soul will thank you for it.

Clare Van Elewoud, Melbourne, Australia – Bali Fall 2014


Within a few months of practicing yoga, I knew I wanted to do a teacher training course.  I decided to give myself a year of practice and discovered YogaWorks’ destination teacher training in Hawaii. I immediately knew that was the course I was suppose to take. Hawaii has always been a favorite place of mine and it is so sacred to me. The month I spent completing that teacher training in Hawaii was one of the best experiences of my life.

Going away to a remote place while undergoing this transformative process is ideal. Being away from my normal day-to-day distractions and routine helped me dive deep into my training. You are flushed with so much new information and it can be a bit overwhelming but allowing yourself to open up to the experience not only helps you learn a tremendous amount, it allows you to be transformed.

Hawaii has such an amazing and vibrant energy, it was so complementary to what we were doing there. With the nature surrounding us, the people there with us, the ocean and its powerful waves just a short walk away – it is paradise. Alicia and Oliver offer an amazing course. They are filled with immense knowledge and experience that is delivered with their own personal twist. They were extremely helpful and always there if we needed extra guidance. Our student group along with Alicia and Oliver felt like one big family. We would play games after dinner or hang out in the jacuzzi under the star light listening to the Coqui frogs. There was a strong sense of community throughout the training and that really helped with the process.

The YogaWorks teacher training covers so many amazing points about the practice. From detailed asana lectures to hour long philosophy discussions. From Sanskrit and yoga’s history to meditation and quieting down to reach deeper. I feel I received a very well-rounded training and came out ready to teach confidently. I learned so much about myself that month.  I learned to love impermanence and find comfort in uncertainty. I learned to love myself and let go of things I was still holding on to. I learned more about my true self while I was there, being amongst the trees and earth and felt closer to nature than I had in a while. I learned that following my gut instincts are what lead me to where I am truly meant to be.

It feels pretty surreal to be teaching now. I’m from Laguna Beach, California and have found myself on the other side of the world in Melbourne, Australia teaching yoga at a beautiful studio with a woman I completed my teacher training with. I even shed a tear at the end of my first class there while the students were in savasana, the energy was beautiful and I felt like I was exactly where I was suppose to be. Yoga – the most amazing journey.

Michelle Arenal, California – Hawaii 2014


When you want to begin a journey of learning, you need to begin it with someone who has their intention to teach and give unconditionally. Alicia is that person who helps you see beyond what you already know and brings you into a space of seeking knowledge while making it very accessible.
Starting a yoga teacher training can be a daunting thought and a big step for a few like it was for me, but choosing the right teacher can make the process simpler.
Alicia’s style of teaching is effortless and from the heart. She doesn’t allow ego to come between her and her student.
You don’t realise her complete awesomeness during the training. The beauty of Bali and information kind of has you in this state of disbelief. Almost as if life brought you the best. But only after your training with Alicia is complete, is when you realise the impact of having her. Her words resonate long after those hours. Three years down, I do remember the beautiful Balian beaches but not without Alicia’s soulful voice guiding me through that beautiful practice every morning.
I would not recommend anyone else but her if you want to make this move. She is it. Always grateful for being her student.

Firdous Majeed – Bali 2012

There are many yoga trainings available, and I’ve researched many of them. I’m so thankful and lucky that I chose the Yoga Works Teacher Training with Alicia Cheung. I attended the training in Bali of April 2014. Our program’s location was Prana Dewi in Bali, which is stunningly beautiful, peaceful, and perfectly supportive of a yoga lifestyle.

I can’t emphasize enough how wonderful Alicia and the Yoga Works program are! Alicia has many years of yoga teaching experience, and it shows through her extensive knowledge and intuitive teaching style. While she has studied and practiced the Iyengar style thoroughly, which influences her very specific teaching cues for alignment, she also has studied and practiced wide ranging styles of yoga. Her broad experience makes for extremely well rounded classes and lessons. Alicia offers excellent instruction and ample opportunities to practice and fine tune your teaching skills. She provides honest feedback and was always willing to stay after class to answer questions about homework, class sequences, or, well, anything!

What made our training so special is what happened beyond or after our Yoga Works material was covered. Alicia set up a variety of activities that furthered our learning and growth; whether it was her planning a hike to the local natural hot springs, assigning journal writing assignments, setting up a fun movie night, providing extra lessons about yoga psychology or the relationship between neurology and yoga, or asking massage therapists and healers to visit all those who were interested. These extras really amplified the worth of the program and how much we, the students, took away from it.

Additionally, it takes a wise teacher, like Alicia, to tune into how the students are feeling and what they actually need. She kept us on track and motivated throughout the program. Alicia is motivated, organized, energetic, honest and passionate about her work. Her assistant, Oliver, is kind, patient, and has plenty of yoga teaching experience as well. I really enjoyed when Alicia and Oliver would bring in their other interests and practices, like Thai massage and acupuncture. Alicia and Oliver are the perfect team, like the yin and yang balance.

I had such a well-rounded experience with the Yoga Works training with Alicia and it surpassed my greatest expectations. Not only do I feel prepared to teach yoga given the scope of information we learned regarding anatomy, sequencing, teaching cues/ language, yoga history, etc., but I’ve gained much more. Through the experience I have let go of what no longer serves me and feel that I’m living my life’s purpose more fully. I am full of gratitude to Alicia, Oliver, and the yogis that were part of our training.

Stephanie Dickinson, Korea
Bali 2014


It has been 2 months and 5 days since I completed Bali Yoga Teacher Training 2014 with Alicia and there has not been one day I haven’t looked back on my experience and reflected on the love, light and knowledge I gained.

When we were leaving this amazing bubble (circle of fellow yogi students) I thought it might be the same as quitting a job, leaving school, moving out. It’s all very sad and overwhelming. We meet nice people, some stay, some go and within a few weeks we are doing the same thing, just in a different place wondering if it was all just a dream. I am not in Bali following a routine of waking up early in the morning to get to meditation at 6.00 followed by a sometimes silent breakfast, a lecture, Asana, lunch; more lectures; dinner; silent evenings and sneaky chats with my roomies. But I am not at home wondering if it was all a dream either.

I come back to it when I meditate in the morning and draw on our group circle to remind me, I can be still alone, as we did together.

I come back to it when I am driving and find myself getting agitated by the traffic and remember the abundance of love and light I discovered within myself and every being around me and I become compassionate.

I come back to it when I find myself gorging down a meal in a rush to get to the next bite, next step, how I learnt to draw myself into the present, the ‘now’ and truly taste each element of each bite. I come back when I am challenged with direction and remember that feeling when we danced and rooted down to the universe.I reflected on the circle when I took my first class and was so nervous I looked at the door and running out was a very tempting option but felt the love and acceptance from our circle, which gave me the strength to conquer my fears and proceed to deliver a class from the heart.

Yoga teacher training has changed my life, it did not just prepare me to take a class and instruct postures. I now have the life skills it requires to take a class, face fears, fail, get back up and love myself in each of these states.

I am not with my fellow yogis, I am not in Bali but I always have what I learnt at heart and this has and continues to change my life in the most miraculous ways.

I am now teaching yoga full time and thanks to Alicia and Oliver have been gifted with the tools to take what is reflected in my asana practice and incorporate it into the rest of my day, week, month, and life. I believe since yoga teacher training I am living a life closer to my truth, my path. Thank you for the love and light I received during teacher training it is my honour to take this and share it with the rest of the world.

Tamarra Casey, Australia
Bali 2014


Attending the 200 hour yoga teacher training is definitely one of the most amazing and life-changing experiences for me, also the most challenging experience I have ever had.

As an ESL student, I had a hard time studying philosophy and anatomy. It was like learning new languages for me! But thanks to my teachers Alicia and Oliver, who are so supportive, encouraging and passionate about their students, they made sure I was up to where I needed to be every week. Alicia would use her spare time on her day off to review the classes with me, and make sure I knew what I needed to know. Oliver would answer any questions I had after class. I knew I was in the right place then.

The place we stayed for 5 weeks, Prana Dewi was just perfect for the training. Remote, quiet and beautiful. I was so excited to be there because I grew up in Tokyo and I had never been to a place like that before. I enjoyed doing homework by the pool, walking through the rice fields with my bare feet and gazing at the starts at night.

I am so grateful for this experience with Alicia and Oliver. Before I went to Bali, I did not think I would be ready to teach by the end of the training…but I am! I left with confidence and felt stronger than ever. And this, I could not have done without them.

I highly recommend this training to anyone who is interested in YTT…even if English is your second language. It is challenging but well worth it. You will be amazed how much you can grow.

Saya, Japan
Bali 2014


If I could sum up my experience in one word, it would be “Gratitude.” Deciding to sign up for the Yoga Works Teacher Training in Bali was undeniably one of the best decisions of my life. This was so much more than just a Teacher Training course- it was a deeply personally transformative experience, that I was lucky enough to share with 23 compassionate, like-minded individuals.

Any nerves and doubts I had before arriving at Prana Dewi dissipated upon arrival, as I found myself in an incredibly supportive, nurturing environment. I could not imagine two people better fit for the leading role than Alicia and Oliver, who are so inspirational for the ways in which they truly live and breathe yoga. They both have an impeccable ability to foster a supportive, productive group environment. Not only do they provide each student with the tools and confidence to teach, but they encourage each individual to self-reflect in order to become the best version of themselves they can be.

The place we stayed, Prana Dewi, was very conducive to our growth and development, nestled amongst the natural beauty of the rice fields at the base of Mt. Batukaru. Falling asleep to the sound of geckos and being awoken by the morning chant in the distance added to the serenity and positive energy of the environment. The food was also delicious! It was all locally grown and healthy, and the staff was extremely gracious and helpful.

The course was both challenging and rewarding. I left Bali armed with the confidence, knowledge, and support to become a successful yoga teacher. Not to mention, I have also made 23 new friends from all over the world! I’m so grateful for my time at the YTT in Bali and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for a life-changing Yoga Teacher Training experience.

Emily Vickery, USA
Bali 2014


What struck me most about the yoga teacher training program I took with Alicia was how much it wasn’t what I thought it would be. It was way more than that. There is plenty of asana and sanskrit all that but the special bit is how Alicia helps you open and gives you the space to truly look within. And beyond the meditation and journaling and pranayama and mantras and asana and everything else, the magic is simply how Alicia holds the space for everyone on the journey letting them come to their own realizations. It’s a lot of work but intensely rewarding.

And of course she’s a fantastic teacher. She’s tough and fair and giving and has the patience of saint. She truly cares about each one of her students and most importantly she’s fun! I couldn’t ask for more from a teacher and I’ll always remember her ever-present smile in my heart.

Scott Erickson, USA
Bali 2013


Wow! is the first word that comes to my mind when I look back at the 200 hr. YogaWorks teacher training that I recently completed with Alicia and Oliver in Bali (Fall 2013).

Firstly, the words yoga teacher training barely scratch the surface in describing the experience, it was so much more than that. I learnt more about myself in that five weeks than I have in the last five years (and that’s been filled with professional/self development courses and activities)!

Alicia and Oliver are both extremely knowledgable, inspiring, caring, supportive and compassionate teachers. I was constantly amazed by Alicia’s ability to simply hold the space, put the mirror up and bam! … profound realisation. Her love of yoga and teaching is unquestionable, it radiates from her being.

One of the things that really stood out for me with this program is the holistic approach. We had daily meditation, frequent philosophy discussions, lots of practice teaching, asana practice and theory. We also had the opportunity to undertake some karma yoga within the community, which was so much fun.

After completing this five- week course, I’m comfortable that I have the knowledge, tools and ongoing support needed to put it all into practice.

I’m so grateful that I met both Alicia and Oliver and had the opportunity to learn so much from them. I will always look back at this experience with extremely fond memories.

I should also say that this program was not a walk in the park, or a relaxed yoga retreat; it was at times really hard work, but at the same time, so incredibly rewarding. If you’re willing to trust the process and go deep inside, the benefits will be limitless.

I’d strongly encourage anyone interested in yoga teacher training to get in contact with Alicia, it all begins with a single step 🙂

Mandy Habener, Australia
Bali 2013


An empowering and transformative experience, the benefits of the YogaWorks Teacher Training in Bali with Alicia were more far reaching than I could have ever imagined.

I arrived in Bali with the intention of deepening my practice and becoming more flexible in all areas of my life in order to feel more balanced and stronger. From day one, I went through a myriad of emotions, mind chatter, and physical states. I experienced the initial excitement of meeting 25 beautiful yogis from around the world that I would be spending the next five weeks with, muscle cramps from hours of daily asana, and those occasional days when you just weren’t in the mood to wake up for early morning meditation. But, Alicia and Oliver provide this indescribable space for learning and transformation to occur; a space to grow stronger, more confident, and to go inward. I learned to trust in the process and to be comfortable confronting my doubts and fears.

The welcoming environment created by the staff at Pondok Pitaya, the healthy and delicious local food whipped up for us day after day, the yoga facility that overlooked the surf, the funky lodging, and the mystical surroundings made our experience one that we will never forget. Every day we spent together presented challenges, adventures, and opportunities for growth, on and off the mat, as we delved deeper into the eight limbs of yoga, Sanskrit, anatomy, workshops, ayurveda, the chakras, subtle body work, and philosophy discussions. By the end of the program in Ubud, I felt such a connection to the rest of my peers; we experienced so much together and watched each other learn, grow, and transform.

Thank you for sharing your passion, Alicia and Oliver. I am more passionate about yoga and incorporating yogic philosophy into my life and my clients lives than ever before and will always hold a special place in my heart for you both and Bali.”

Salman Al-Sabah, Kuwait
Bali 2013


Completing the 200 hour Yoga Works intensive in Bali with Alicia and Oliver has categorically changed my life. While I learned more than I imagined possible about yoga philosophy, anatomy, and sequencing/teaching strategies, the most significant lessons were those surrounding my relationship with myself and others and how I chose to engage with the world.

The intensive format affords a truly transformational experience that will equip you with a tool kit to not only be an awesome yoga teacher, but also a better human being. Alicia’s & Oliver’s passion and authenticity are infectious, and naturally encourage participants to bring the same to the table. Their expertise, energy, and presence are a daily source of inspiration. I’ve heard it said that we are all teachers, but Alicia & Oliver aren’t just teachers, they truly ARE yoga. They don’t merely lecture and spew distant, esoteric concepts–you witness them living and embodying all these concepts on a daily basis. Studying with them has been a profoundly powerful experience and my gratitude is immeasurable.

Jillian Schultz, USA
Bali 2013


I attended the yoga teacher training with Alicia and Oliver in Bali, 2013. It was the most wonderful journey I’ve had. I’ve gained a more in-depth knowledge of what yoga is, and came out of it enriched and enlightened. The 5-week residential format was most conducive as it forces you to leave your life back home behind to completely immerse yourself into the real world, where you are forced to face with many internal and external challenges, and overcome your fears in many ways. That was where the real transformation was.

Alicia and Oliver were amazing and inspiring. They were with us spiritually and physically all the way, supporting us in every way they could. The yoga bubble that we created was special and friendships were forged that will last a lifetime. Will recommend anyone who is seeking to further their yoga studies or deepen their practice to sign up for this training!

Shazia Dalichau, Singapore
Bali 2013


Doing the YogaWorks teacher training in Hawaii with Alicia and Oliver was one of the most powerful experiences of my life. It went beyond my expectations. The YogaWorks program is complete and very well structured, but for me the deepest dimension of this training comes from the fact that Alicia and Oliver invite their students to a deep self-inquiry. They create a safe, supportive and loving space for their students to grow.

The residential program can be challenging – strong Asana practice every morning followed by a day of study and homework, but the full immersion in the yogic way of life is a transformative experience. And Alicia and Oliver know how to release the pressure and bring a sense of humor and a light touch to the whole experience. They are masters in the art of holding the space and creating a meditative and peaceful mood. Their knowledge in yoga and the art of teaching it is very profound: precise alignments, very well-rounded sequences, understanding and embodying the Yoga philosophy, emphasis on safety, nice voice…

Not to mention the amazing land of Hawaii that brings a taste of heaven and magic to the experience and the wonderful friends I made.

I have no words to express my gratitude and love to both of then.

Nadjiba Medjaoui, Algeria
Hawaii 2012


I strongly encourage anyone thinking about doing the YogaWorks 200-HR Teaching Training to consider the residential format in beautiful Bali, Indonesia. I attended the program in Nov-Dec 2012 and can honestly say that going there was the best decision I ever made. I cannot imagine participating in a teacher training any other way.

With the residential format, you are so immersed in the program, with no distractions from the outside world. You live and breathe yoga for five weeks, and have the opportunity to build so many strong relationships with people from around the globe. I learned more about myself in those five weeks than I have in my entire life, and was taught yoga philosophy, anatomy and proper sequencing among other things. Alicia and Oliver are amazing teachers! We learned so much from them in just five weeks. They genuinely care about the well-being and success of their students, and put everything they’ve got into the program.

Within just two weeks of being home from the program, I landed a job teaching, and now teach regularly at a few yoga studios in the city. I have received great feedback from students and teachers about my sequencing and knowledge of each posture, and it’s all thanks to Alicia and Oliver, and the format of the residential teacher training program at YogaWorks.

Yasmin Iqbal, Canada
Bali 2012


When I found Alicia on the YW website I knew deep within that I wanted to be one of her students, and the moment I met her was confirmation that I had made the right choice. Alicia has SO much to offer as a teacher. Not only does she bring with her a vast plethora of knowledge, but an energy that made me strive to be my best person – even to this day. She and Oliver are welcoming and willing to share every bit they know about Yoga, and they don’t hold back.

Being immersed in a yogic lifestyle with them totally opened up my heart and my mind, made me face most of my demons, and brought to me an inner peace that, with practice and dedication, will never leave. The YogaWorks method is exceptional. I learned a TON and the program is undeniably a well rounded structure. What I got out of each day is a direct result of Alicia’s carefully selected lessons. I am exponentially grateful because I continue to learn months after I have left the training and I know even years down the road I will be having ah-ha! moments.

The YogaWorks teacher training intensive in Hawaii is the greatest investment I will have ever made. The setting was, in a word – perfect. The group, from day one, was supportive and we quickly became much like a family. The nature aspect played a key role in the evolvement of the training. The food – exquisite. I have not one negative word to say about Kalani.

Though, no matter which location one chooses to complete this training – as long as Alicia, Oliver and Olivia are there to teach you – you will gain a lifetime of knowledge and yearn to share it with the world. I (humbly) guarantee it.

Cassie Leotham
Hawaii 2012


When people ask me about the YogaWorks training in Bali, I tell them without a moment’s hesitation that it was the single best experience of my life. The intensive format afforded me a thorough immersion in yogic life, free from the distractions, stories and influences of home routines. The Balian pace of life and integration with nature brought my days a deep sense of peace and simplicity, which opened my mind in a very organic way; I’ve never felt so primed to learn.

The intelligence behind the YogaWorks method and its thoughtfully designed course materials gives me confidence that I’ve begun my journey to teaching with the strongest possible foundation.

Alicia and Oliver stand out as exceptional teachers because they don’t just know asana inside out; they live yoga. They welcome their students into their lives and put their hearts into all they do. They lead by example and thus inspired me to apply what I’ve learned to all aspects of my life.

This training has given me access to a tremendous body of knowledge, the depth of which I’m still realizing. I believe my greatest new understanding answers the question of how to choose a life of contentment.

The experience of studying with Alicia and Oliver was a blessing. I know my gratefulness will only grow as subtle new lessons reveal themselves day by day in what feels like a brand new life.

Laura Noel Garcia, Canada
Bali 2012


I chose the YogaWorks TTC in Bali to deepen my teaching skills, my yoga practice, and my understanding of yoga.

Alicia and Oliver have chosen the perfect place to reset the mind and fully concentrate on the goals and did a great job organizing the whole journey. Every class and every lesson was carefully selected and taught with passion and love.

The assistants Elissa and Jollie were a great bonus for our student group. The work was tough but always doable and so important to really get in touch with yourself and understand yoga in an holistic way. I loved every day, and I not only take home so much new knowledge but also friends for life.

Thank you so much. Blessings. I mean it.

Om Shanti Shanti Shanti.

Ditte Kotzian, Olympic bronze medalist, Germany
Bali 2012


When I found Alicia on the YW website I knew deep within that I wanted to be one of her students, and the moment I met her was confirmation that I had made the right choice. Alicia has SO much to offer as a teacher. Not only does she bring with her a vast plethora of knowledge, but an energy that made me strive to be my best person – even to this day. She and Oliver are welcoming and willing to share every bit they know about Yoga, and they don’t hold back.

Being immersed in a yogic lifestyle with them totally opened up my heart and my mind, made me face most of my demons, and brought to me an inner peace that, with practice and dedication, will never leave. The YogaWorks method is exceptional. I learned a TON and the program is undeniably a well rounded structure. What I got out of each day is a direct result of Alicia’s carefully selected lessons. I am exponentially grateful because I continue to learn months after I have left the training and I know even years down the road I will be having ah-ha! moments.

The YogaWorks teacher training intensive in Hawaii is the greatest investment I will have ever made. The setting was, in a word – perfect. The group, from day one, was supportive and we quickly became much like a family. The nature aspect played a key role in the evolvement of the training. The food – exquisite. I have not one negative word to say about Kalani.

Though, no matter which location one chooses to complete this training – as long as Alicia, Oliver and Olivia are there to teach you – you will gain a lifetime of knowledge and yearn to share it with the world. I (humbly) guarantee it.

Sue Jorgenson, Japan
Bali 2012


I took the fall 2012 residential yoga teacher training in Bali with Alicia, and I have to say it far surpassed my expectations! I had taken a 200 hour teacher training about five years ago and had left the last program with quite a bit of information but just didn’t feel ready to teach yet. I spoke to Alicia about doing the 200 hour with her and explained that I had previously done one and didn’t know if I needed to retake the 200 hour or do a 500 hour course. We spoke in depth about what the course entailed and I decided to take the 200 hour again, this time with Alicia, and man, am I ever glad that I did! It was one of the best experiences of my life to date.

The program is a residential format, which means you eat, breath, sleep yoga. From my experience, it is the best way to do a training. The last time I took the 200 hour I was working at the same time, and it was too much for me. With the residential you get the opportunity to pour yourself completely into the course without all the distractions of life, job etc.

The Bali course is set in two locations. The first is the picturesque area of Balian beach. It is quiet and much different than all the touristy spots in Bali. It retains the quiet magic that Bali has to offer and is off the beaten track. The loudest noise you will hear is the crashing of the waves. If you are a surfer you have hit the jackpot with this location. The second spot is in the energetic hub of Bali, Ubud. Ubud is a great city with plenty of spots for healthy dining, healers around every corner, and rice fields in the city. Amazing.

The course itself is fabulous, you are given a lot of information during this course, but the way Alicia has designed it, it is well organized so that the information is easy to learn and easy to retain. It becomes ingrained in you. The course is very comprehensive, delving into all aspects of yoga: Asana, Anatomy, Philosophy, Pranayama, meditation, Ayurveda and more. I now feel completely ready to go out and teach!

But there is something else about this course…I write this now trying to put it into words, but it’s tough. There is something, well, inexplicable and invaluable about it. Alicia has created something very special and I wish everyone to experience it. She created a safe learning environment where you can have discussions and express opinions. She not only gives you the tools to be a great yoga instructor but also tools to help you handle what life throws at you. and the people in the training were wonderful, all ages and from different backgrounds and countries but we meshed perfectly, sometimes challenging one another but ultimately supporting each other unifed in our love for yoga. I now have yoga friends around the world for life.

Thank you so much Alicia, you are incredibly knowledgeable yet you taught with such humor and grace. You have created something truly special. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, and I would take the course again in a heartbeat.

Big hugs. Love, Mariah

Mariah Gates, Australia
Bali 2012


Words cannot describe how incredible the YogaWorks Teacher Training in Bali with Alicia Cheung is. The five weeks flew by as we studied philosophy, anatomy, asana, pranayama, meditation, ayurveda and so much more.

Alicia teaches from the heart with such a vast knowledge and comprehension of the course material while adding so many other personal additions to make the program truly one of a kind. She is a wealth of knowledge, making every lesson interactive and interesting – I couldn’t get enough of what she had to say! I could’ve stayed another five weeks and wouldn’t have scratched the surface of everything she has to offer.

The locations: first on the West coast of Bali in a remote surfing town, then in the cultural and spiritual hub of Ubud. This allowed us to truly go inward, first meditating by the crashing waves and black sand, then in the beautiful sun in the midst of the rice fields. I couldn’t think of a better place to reflect, meditate and deepen my practice.

I could not think of a more perfect experience or place to fulfil my dream of becoming a yoga teacher. I had the most beautiful environment, teacher and classmates, and I am eternally grateful that I took the leap of faith and went to Bali for this outstanding program.

“Sometimes, the only transportation you need is a leap of faith.”

Sarah Harvison (Fitness Instructor)
Bali 2012


My experience at the YogaWorks 200 hour teacher training has been enlightening. I received much more than I bargained for and I have a lot more understanding of yoga as a whole. I am going home centered, inspired, and feeling more alive than ever. Thanks to Alicia for her gifts, her words and true inspiration.

The 200 hour training programme conducted by Alicia offered excellent teaching with high standards. The meditation and the philosophy classes were excellent, as it helped me to deepen my understanding with myself and life.The asana practice deepened my self practice and I learned more about my body so I could teach my students.

Alicia is an excellent teacher. I enjoyed every class. She maintained the perfect relationship between teacher and student. She set a fine example of a yoga practitioner, unbelievable information and amazing in breakdown of usually complicated subjects (like anatomy), extremely nurturing and supportive, bringing a great level of comfort in the class. I feel much more confident to teach anywhere in the world! I was deeply impressed with Alicia who really helped each student to overcome their obstacles (spiritual, mental and physical) to achieve the certification.

I have waited years to do this training, and now I can share yoga and the ancient teachings with everyone who is willing. Following my dharma is giving me great joy!

Shivganga Hyderabad, India
Bali 2012


Alicia is amazing in her ability to help yogis gain confidence in their practice and guide them to their goals of teaching. She truly sets the bar with her grace, hard work, and passion.

She’s the kind of woman you strive to be better around and creates a safe environment to learn.

After making the decision to go abroad and do a teacher training, I really had no idea what to expect. I made the decision to go in wholeheartedly and gained the experience of a lifetime.

I instantly trusted that she would lead me in the right direction, and what she gave me back was the ability to trust myself in the process.

I am so proud that I was able to have been taught by her, and I’m a better person for knowing her.

Jacqueline (Actress) Los Angeles, USA
Bali 2012


Alicia Cheung is not only a wonderful person, she is a caring mother and a dedicated teacher. Going through the YTT with her as my teacher was one of the most enriching experiences of my yogini life. Alicia is a beautiful and ‘old’ soul, filled with devotion and a burning desire to teach and share. I hope with all my heart that one day you will have the opportunity to experience the precious moments that paved my training under her tutelage in Bali. And just in case English is not your first langage, don’t be worried, Alicia never leaves anyone behind, she will guide you with love and wisdom just like she guides Olivia, her daughter.

Alicia Cheung est une femme, une mère et une enseignante extraordinaire! Faire ma formation de professeur “Yogaworks” à ses côtés fut l’une des expériences les plus enrichissantes de ma vie de Yogini. Alicia est une belle et vieille âme, pleine de dévotion, qui donne et partage sans compter ! je vous souhaite de tout mon coeur de la rencontrer et de vivre quelques uns de ses moments précieux que j’ai eu l’immense joie de vivre à Bali grâce à son enseignement.

Et si l’anglais n’est pas votre langue maternelle, soyez rassuré, Alicia a une devise “never leave someone behind”, elle vous guidera avec amour sagesse et patience, exactement comme elle le fait avec sa fille Olivia en l’accompagnant chaque instant sur le chemin de la vie.

Carole Simon
Bali 2011


My experience in the YogaWorks Hawaii residential yoga teacher training was phenomenal. Big Mahalo (thanks) to Alicia & Oliver who are both wonderful, knowledgeable teachers and work great as a team.

Their passion and dedication for teaching and for yoga were evident, and I especially enjoyed their ability to keep the learning fun. Their attention to details and open hearts kept each day on the island alive, and I found myself learning and laughing the whole month long.

I’m so grateful to have had the opportunity to study four delicious weeks with these two amazing teachers.

With deep respect and aloha, I hope to practice with each of them again someday soon.

Jared Sam – Hawaii 2011
Bali 2012


I signed up for this yoga training wanting to become a better yoga teacher, but I left the training with so much more than great teaching tools. The month long intensive format allowed me to learn so much about myself without any distractions or interruptions. Kalani, in a remote part of the Big Island, was absolutely beautiful. It was quiet, charming, and remote, which was absolutely ideal for a month long yoga training because it enabled me to completely concentrate on the training and my practice (and the food was delicious!). In addition, I met wonderful people who I have made deep connections with that will become life long friends. Alicia and Oliver are insightful, experienced, and so much fun to learn from. I had a truly amazing month!

Julie Jolesch
Hawaii 2011


I came to the training with little thought and few expectations but plenty of fear and anxiety about my unknown future …

and what I discovered was one of the most meaningful immersions I have ever done.

Alicia’s facilitation and direction was astonishing. She brought a stillness, a focus, and a clarity to our training that was deeply meaningful and transformative.

Post the training, I retain an internal sense of self and the will and belief to continue to move forward with a joy and lightness I have not felt for a very long time.

Without doubt, in the seven years I have been practicing yoga, Alicia is the standout best teacher I have ever had the privilege of working with.

Merle Singer, South Africa
Bali 2010


I can’t remember ever having someone touch my life in such a positive way, and within a very short time. Attending the 5-week intensive with Alicia was the best decision I’ve ever made in my personal, spiritual, and career path.

Alicia was an amazing being with much passion for what she does. I have never met such a balanced spirit. Alicia has abundant positive energy and a happy disposition; Joe and I couldn’t help but instantly like her!

The intensive was incredible! I found Alicia to be thoroughly knowledgeable, with a great balance of direction and guidance. Everything was explained well, and she was patient where needed and would spend extra time on topics that we seemed to struggle with, until we really understood.

Alicia was involved, caring and not just well-informed, but really LIVED what she taught. I left the course with exactly what I was hoping to leave with: the confidence and knowledge to teach my own class! I also had an unexpected amazing growth in my personal and spiritual life; something I don’t think I would had been able to experience in a different environment, nor under any other teacher.

Alicia has a radiant essence that people just gravitate toward; she is a giver and has a unique and beautiful way of looking at life and solving personal issues. I am a changed person, for the better, after my time with Alicia. She has an amazing outlook on life that you just want to emulate and share with others. Alicia is a wonderful soul and a HUGE asset to YogaWorks. I want her to know she has had a very real, positive impact on my life and she won’t be forgotten.

Thank you, Alicia and YogaWorks!

Tess McVicker, Australia
Bali 2010


I’m a body worker who works with many of the top 44 male and female professional surfers, and my background is based in anatomy, physiology and exercise science. I went to the Bali YogaWorks Teacher training to gain a deeper insight into the potential that yoga could offer, especially for athletes, and to explore deeper levels of my own practice. I had no intention of becoming a teacher.

What a beautiful surprise feeling inclined to teach upon returning home. Alicia’s training left me feeling confidently skilled. Although I was slightly nervous about the challenge of “finding my voice”, I felt well prepared to speak in front of people who were relying on my words to lead them on a journey of movement and introspection. Somehow things began to flow.

It’s now 4 months later and I have 2 beginner-level students, one 67 yrs old, the other 44 yrs old. Neither had ever tried yoga before, and now they each take 2 private lessons a week.

I spent the bulk of the Triple Crown Season on the North Shore with classes filled with competitive surfers. I focused on alignment points and the YogaWorks’ method of sequencing, I taught various pranayama techniques that Alicia had us practice daily, and I tried to share the experience of “turning inward” that accompanied every philosophy, asana and theory class during the training.

Doing this YogaWorks training with Alicia Cheung was one of the best things I have ever done, and I continue to be pleasantly surprised by the small shifts in my life because of it.

Leah Metz, Hawaii
Bali 2010


My 200 hour residential teacher training through YogaWorks was the experience of a lifetime. To spend four weeks in Bali studying yoga made for an even more exciting journey.

The YogaWorks method is brilliant. The training program is concise and each day you leave class excited about the material you have learned. Having Alicia Cheung as your mentor in the teacher training is a blessing. Not only is her wisdom as a teacher extensive but you will also find that she is a ray of light with a beautiful heart. She offers a safe environment for you to grow as a student.

Alicia challenges you to think outside of the box, both on and off the mat. Her insight is extremely valuable. With Alicia as your teacher, you will leave class each day wanting more and excited about what the next class will bring.

I have been a teacher for almost two years now, and I find that I am often referring back to the information taught in my 200 YogaWorks training. I am certain I will carry what I learned in this program with me throughout my career as a teacher. The journey of your 200 hour teacher training through YogaWorks, with Alicia as your guide, will be one of the most fulfilling experiences you will have as a teacher.

Trisha Kees, Seattle Washington, USA
Bali 2011


The YogaWorks program instilled in me something I didn’t know possible about myself. I went to Bali to deepen my practice in Yoga more than anything, without the thought of ever actually teaching. In fact halfway through the program I almost quit, but with the help of Alicia, I pushed through it. Now I wouldn’t be happier that I stuck to it.

YogaWorks is such an in-depth program, learning everything you need to know to go out and teach immediately afterwards. Now I am teaching, renting my own studio, and passing on everything I learned to all of my own students. I am so prepared, from writing my sequences to knowing which muscles should be used in each asana, etc.

What a better way to learn than in an amazing country where it was so tranquil and beautiful and we could take yoga off the mat and into the beautiful city around us. I hope to someday be able to make it out there and get my 500 Hour training, and I wouldn’t think to do it with anyone but Alicia and YogaWorks.

Gianna Seghezzi, USA
Bali 2009


Completing the 200 hr. YogaWorks training was an amazing physical, mental, spiritual, and cultural experience. Being taken out of one’s comfort level by doing a residential program was a remarkable experience.

Not only do I feel equipped to competently and safely teach a yoga class, but the personal growth and tools learned were invaluable.

The instructor, Alicia Cheung, was an amazing teacher on many levels and offered constant support and instruction. I will share my experience with YogaWorks with others and look forward to continuing my growth and training with YogaWorks.

Caitlin Powell-Bowman, Canada
Bali 2010


I chose the YogaWorks instructor certification course due to its reputation of high standards and integrity. The Bali residential program far exceeded my expectations.

The residential aspect of the program proved to be invaluable to my entire training experience. It enabled me to deepen my yoga practice, engage in a more meaningful communal yoga practice, and immerse in the Balinese culture.

Although I was by far the least experienced and skilled student in the course, Alicia respected where I was in my yoga journey, and patiently taught me. Despite the wide spectrum of skill level, experience and background in our class, Alicia incorporated our needs and expectations in the curriculum, which kept all of us engaged.

While Alicia expertly taught and guided us to become teachers, she was also eager to learn about (and from) us. I received so much more than a certification from the course – I made friendships with yogis from other countries; I developed a greater understanding of the philosophy of yoga; I advanced further in my yoga journey.

Thank you, Alicia, for an incredible experience I will never forget!

Catherina Sun, USA
Bali 2009


For me the YogaWorks training in Bali exceeded all of my expectations. Alicia was the most incredible teacher, and it was a total honor to learn from her. I grew physically in my practice much more than I realized at the time. My inversions are much better, I feel more grounded and strong in my practice. And for the first time ever I am practicing consistently every morning.

More importantly than my physical practice, the training afforded me the time and the space to do some self-reflection. I thought a lot about who I am and who I want to be, and how meditation, reflection, yoga, humility and constant learning will help me on my journey. I can’t tell you how much I have thought about the idea of focusing earnestly on the practice of my actions without attachment to their fruits.

I loved Bali – the people, the smiles, ceremonies and offerings. I especially loved having two different venue experiences, first in Ubud and then at the beach. The whole energy changed being in the open sea and away from all of the tourists and distractions of Ubud. I am just so grateful for having had the experience.

Zia Tayejbee, Australia
Bali 2010


Alicia is an amazing teacher! It is so important for me, as a student, to be learning from someone that truly lives and breathes the essence of yoga, especially through their language, energy, humor, diet, approachability, and physique – to name a few.

It was truly amazing to learn from someone so well rounded and well traveled.

She is the real deal, and I adore her!

Professional Snowboarder Chanelle Sladics, USA
Bali 2010


Oliver and Alicia worked really well as a team to balance one another out. Between the two of them, I felt that I had a very complete yoga parental unit to help raise me into a fine teacher. I was very worried during the training and started to believe I didn’t want to be a yoga teacher. But by the end, especially after we did the injuries module and took the exams, I felt certain that they had equipped me with the proper tools to teach a safe and beneficial yoga class, according to YogaWork’s principles.

The residential training was incredible; it was such a gift to be able to lead a healthy lifestyle, and be with like-minded people for the training period. I’ve not had a time since in my life where I’ve felt so healthy and balanced. I breathed yoga all day, and it transformed me profoundly. Living in Thailand for a month, in utter paradise, really supported that transformation.

Since the training I’ve been teaching despite my fears that I would not make a good teacher. I’m well-equipped to handle a diverse groups of students and always feel that I am able to at least provide them with a healthy learning environment, and the opportunity to discover themselves a little bit more, or learn something about this powerful tradition.

Gabrielle Paluch, USA
Thailand 2007

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