I am blessed to train people from all over the world to be skillful, kind
and humble. The payback is enormous and we’d like to feature one graduate a month, highlighting the difference they’re making in the world. No two stories are ever the same. Enjoy!

CB 1Name: Caitlin Powell-Bowman
From: Canada
Age: 35

AC: What did you learn most about yourself from the YTT?
CPB: Wow. I had no idea what yoga really was and that even after immersing myself in the practice for 200 hours, there is SO MUCH more. No doubt a life long journey as a student. I also learned to really listen to myself and trust the journey that is life.

AC: How did the YTT change your life when you returned home from Bali in 2010?
CPB:I came to do my YTT at a transition point in my life, I was moving from the US back to Canada. After completing the training in Bali and leaving a corporate job and life, I knew that I wanted yoga and the community it brings to be in the forefront of my life, and not just a hobby. I also knew that I wanted to be on the business side of yoga. I really came to trust and believe in the power of yoga and wanted to use my previous skills and experience in business to support getting those teachings out. I moved to Vancouver, Canada, to work for Lululemon where I really felt I could gain some valuable experience on the “business side” of yoga.

AC:What do you love most about your practice today?
CPB:That it’s constantly evolving. Each day is a different journey and I love that. I have learned to ebb and flow with my practice on and off the mat.

AC: Have you gone on to deepen your formal yoga training? If so, where and with whom have you studied?
CPB: I have been so lucky to practice with some of the most amazing teachers out there! I have completed my One Yoga Teacher training with Ryan Leier and my Vinyasa Yoga for Youth Training both of which I now faculty with. I was lucky enough to go the the Iyengar institue in Pune India, and have also studied with Srivatsa Ramaswami, Fr. Joe Pereria, and have had classes and workshops with Eddie Modestini, Nicki Doan, Seane Corn, Baron Baptiste and countless other amazing teachers.

AC:Tell me a little bit about what you are doing now: in what capacity are you teaching and are you involved in any projects that bring greater awareness to the world?
CPB:After leaving Lululemon, I met Ryan Leier and became the Director of One Yoga, a Vinyasa yoga community with studios, workshops and trainings globally. Here we work to bring quality yoga rooted in the tradition of Krishnamacharya, making it accessible and relevant to our modern world. We offer a supportive and encouraging environment inviting all regardless of age, gender, race or religion – to experience the Oneness of Yoga through steady practice and devotion.
I also work as the training director for Vinyasa Yoga for Youth. At Vinyasa Yoga for Youth, our vision is to empower youth locally and globally in a fun and engaging way, so that they will become reconnected, make healthier life choices, and have an enhanced capacity for compassion. We believe in the power of yoga and that peace begins with children.
In addition to Vinyasa Yoga for Youth, I have also co-founded the Fierce Grace Foundation with Ryan Leier in memory of our daughter, Thora Grace. The Fierce Grace Foundation is committed to supporting people making a stand for love and transformation in their community. We support many initiatives including offering yoga teacher training scholarships to those working in communities that are remote, or in “yoga deserts” to bring the teachings back to undeserved communities.

IMG_7189AC:This must feel so good to be a part of. Your contribution to the yoga world is inspiring. What would you suggest to others who may want to be as proactive as you, but perhaps don’t know where to start?
CPB: Hmmm…. I think start in your own community with those around you. We get on the yoga mat to help give us the tools to “live our yoga”. By that I mean, to have a greater compassion for those around you. Did you make someone’s day better or worse? This could be the interaction with the shop clerk, or the homeless person on the street, or your own actions and relationships with your family or those you work with. It could be taking a meal to a friend or community member who is sick or having a hard time, it may be teaching yoga classes for free or by donation to the sick or underserved population in your community. We practice yoga to support our communities and ourselves, and to reach a higher state of awareness. If you keep on your mat you will come to realize you are practicing yoga in every moment! I would start to contribute to what you are passionate about or those causes or people who are close to your heart.

AC: What I love about you is your sweet and humble nature. Not to mention you are strong and wise. Tell me something fun and quirky about yourself.
CPB: I have no idea!!!! Lots of other people think I am pretty weird, but I don’t see it 🙂

AC:What plans do you have for the future?
CPB:My plan for the future is to keep working to get quality yoga to as many as possible, especially those who may not have access to yoga normally. Whether this be because of economical constraints, physical or social constraints or just a lack of knowledge around the practice.

AC: I can’t wait to see you again soon. For sure our paths will cross. I love you, Caitlin!
CPB: Yeah, me too. Thanks for thinking of me!

As Director of One Yoga studios, Caitlin is a master of creative support systems that allow others to access transformational experiences. Combined with a degree in Health and Religious Studies, Caitlin leans into over a dozen years of experience in people management and business marketing to develop, enhance and grow processes, programs and people through yoga. Caitlin lends off-the-mat solutions to on-the-mat work, understanding the need to balance structure with fluidity and agility with patience. Caitlin has the exceptional ability to cultivate space for others to dive into their teaching and their strengths.

When she is not in front of her computer you will find her on the yoga mat, or in the kitchen creating healthy vegetarian food for her family.

Contacts: www.oneyoga.ca www.vinyasayogaforyouth.com

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