Sandhi Spiers

Sandhi profileSandhi Spiers is the founding director of the Wholistic Business Network and Sun Energy Communications, with 25 years experience in personal & professional development, coaching, counseling and group facilitation.

At the heart of his work is his capacity to bring forth awareness of individual and collective patterns, paradigms and frameworks that need to change before more desirable outcomes can be created. Through his programs and teachings new ways of thinking, seeing, listening, and communicating emerge, generating desired results and clarity.

Having worked with many people from all walks of life, Sandhi has developed profound and effective ways of working with people in mind, body and spirit. His style is humorous and subtle, yet creating powerful changes in perceptions, shifts of consciousness and behaviors.

Sandhi is available for individual or group sessions, facilitation, counseling and coaching.

Clara Zeiszig

0e0f68_dd6731860b9f493bb3520b0dc1cd0651Clara grew up in Austria and became aware of her calling and talent for alternative healing methods at a young age. Starting at 14, she studied meditation with a Guru from India. She learned Reiki at the age of 16, and although she no longer practices, it sparked her interests and reaffirmed her talent for alternative healing methods.

After finishing school, Clara traveled and slowly discovered a way to communicate telepathically with her dog back home. This in turn led her to courses in telepathic animal communication, energy healing techniques, light work and craniosacral therapy.

The focus of Clara’s work is on the energy and light body of the client: the aura and chakras. By accessing them, it becomes possible to unwind both conscious and unconscious blockages. She works with patterns from childhood and on the female/male aspects of the energy fields of the clients.

There may also be a particular emphasis on past lives because traumatic incarnations can leave residual tensions in our energetic/physical bodies, forming restraining patterns unconscious to the client.

“I strongly believe that the ability to heal or develop can only come from within the person, therefore, after the session I will suggest
specific meditation and visualization exercises. These will anchor the changes in the energy field of the client allowing them to transform and develop further.”

Clara offers private healing sessions, readings from overseas, and workshops on telepathic animal communication.

Eva Sion

Yoga first came to Eva Sion as a tool to stretch after surfing, and soon it became the gateway to her spiritual growth. Since then and during her travels, she has studied with many different yoga styles with many teachers. Today, she is able to create a blend of those styles and to share her practice in a way that is suitable to all levels. Yoga has helped her to connect her body and soul, and this led her to Thai Yoga Massage.

In 2009, she traveled to Chiang Mai, Thailand, and found the lineage of Asokananda and the Sunshine Network. She has been studying and assisting several Sunshine Network courses with teachers Chatchoi, Itzhak Helman, Kaline Alayna and Pau Castellsague. Eva also experienced the teachings of the great Thai masters, Jack Chaiya and Ajan Picket. Her deep interests and commitment to Thai yoga massage leads her back to Thailand regularly, and since 2013, she has been facilitating Thai Yoga Massage retreats and workshops in Bali, Mexico, and Spain.

“Thai Yoga Massage has become the background and sustenance for my nomadic way of life. It keeps me rooted while still allowing me to travel the world. My passion is to create space for learning this ancient healing art, either teaching alone or by collaborating with fellow teachers.”

Harold Nahmias

Harold 1French-born Harold Nahmias has been diving throughout the world for over twenty-seven years.

He decided at the age of 24 to quit his musical career and leave his numerous guitars behind to explore South-east Asia. Immediately in love with nature, the culture and the peaceful way of life here, he decided to stay and dedicate his life to another passion: Diving.

“Scuba diving allows you to contemplate the natural wonders of the underwater world, and is immediately accessible to all of us, with a certain amount of practice and education; freediving, on the other hand, is not a contemplative activity, but an introspective one.” His ability to teach freediving techniques (what yogis might call pranayama) makes his lessons interesting and accessible for all levels.
Harold currently resides in Bali, and teaches freediving and certifies all levels of scuba divers throughout different areas of Indonesia.

Mark Garrett

screen-shot-2559-10-17-at-9-57-10-pmMark Garrett has been involved in Permaculture design for more than 20 years.

“I was first introduced to Permaculture in 1985, when I saw a documentary on the subject and thought it made so much sense that I pulled up my concrete driveway and planted trees all around my house,”
Mark explains.

This led to earning a Permaculture Design Certificate from Melbourne University, and travelling extensively around the world to observe traditional gardening techniques and building designs. “As the old saying, ‘nature is the best teacher’ goes, Permaculture provides positive solutions to create environmentally sustainable, harmonious and abundant ways of living.”

Mark’s design portfolio is extensive and includes: creating sustainable homes using Permaculture design principles, building a Permaculture demonstration site on two acres of sub-tropical land in Southeast Queensland, Australia, designing an organic “Waste to Wealth and Recycle Centre” in Indonesia, creating an outdoor Permaculture classroom for Six Senses Resorts and Spas in the Maldives, and designing numerous gardens for private clients in locations as diverse as Australia, Malibu, and Barbados.

In 2009, Mark consolidated his theoretical knowledge and 20 plus years of Permaculture experience by establishing the Mark Garrett Permaculture Design Consultancy. He now consults on Permaculture Design and Sustainability Solutions for a wide range of projects for both private and corporate clients worldwide. In addition, he teaches Permaculture Design Principles and is a regular contributor to conferences and seminars on this subject.

Here is the link to Mark’s site if you need to get the photos directly from his site.

Jonathan Matahi Lefevre, D.O., HHP

screen-shot-2559-10-17-at-10-12-14-pmJonathan was born in Tahiti and grew up with hippie parents between Polynesia, Bali, and India.

After a long formative period of travelling and studying with various healers and mystics, Jonathan eventually went into more academic training. He graduated from the Kimura Shiatsu Institute in Tokyo, Japan, the International School of Bodywork in San Diego, California, (specializing in Rolfing), and the British School of Osteopathy, London, UK. His work combines various elements and techniques from all these different traditions, but he specializes in myofascial osteopathic work and emotional release.

When not working or surfing, Jonathan also teaches at various bodywork seminars and yoga teacher trainings.

Fantuzzi and Kat Dancer


Fantuzzi’s unique combination of spiritually inspired mystic rhythms, Latin, reggae, funk, and heart songs are sure to elevate your soul and move your body.
Born in Spanish Harlem, Fantuzzi quickly discovered the joy of dancing, singing and theatre, using this to escape the New York city streets.
Pursuing a mission to share joy, love, and an ecstatic life, Fantuzzi’s been a part of many conscious festivals including Earthdance (global), Bali Spirit Fest, and Glastonbury (UK).

He was at the first Woodstock festival and his iconic photograph was used by Newsweek magazine as their front cover to symbolize the essence of the sixties generation.
Fantuzzi’s music is eclectic, energizing, joyous and infectious. He’s played with Bob Dylan, Paul Simon, Stephen Stills, Richie Havens, Babatunde Olatunji, Bob Weir of the Grateful Dead, and many more.

He has been sharing his love of music and life with Samdhana for over two years.

Kat Dancer

In addition to road manager, singer, percussionist, dancer and writer with Fantuzzi, Kat flows through the dance of life in yoga, Thai Massage, and intuition. Embodying her life’s travels through her practice and teaching of Yoga and Thai Massage, she invites a joyful and unique awareness of each person’s internal rhythms.

Kat has been helping people through the medium of
 Yoga and Thai Massage for over a decade, sharing 
intuitive and fun sessions that have 
brought healing and profound change to people around the globe. She describes her teaching as “Kat yoga”… a combination of Iyengar­influenced alignment, Anusara energy, Kundalini vitality, deep relaxation, and fun in the flow of the moment.

Dance is an integral element of Kat’s life; the practice of Thai Massage is a dance of compassion and fluid healing energy. She regularly returns to Thailand to deepen her learning with the numerous amazing teachers in the north, and to her yoga/massage practice in Canada where her loyal clients always have her fully booked.

Melinda DiOrio

melinda-diorio-yogaMelinda DiOrio is a 200-hour YogaWorks certified and Yoga Alliance registered teacher. She completed her teacher training on the beautiful island of Bali in 2015, where she was able to combine her love of yoga, travel and photography. Based in Brooklyn, NY, Melinda is now teaching yoga and photographing fellow yoga teachers and events. She’s passionate about living a conscious, connected and creative life.

You can view her portfolio and offerings on http://melindadiorio.com

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