Tissue Fascia-nation

Fascia talk is fast becoming a popular trend in yoga and Pilates studios, gym settings, and health clubs. Traditionally, it has been overlooked in anatomy dissection labs and other educational settings in order to study more seemingly important systems like muscles, skeletal structure, and organs. Yet, fascia plays an important role in physical (and mental) health. What exactly is it and why is it so important?

Fascia is an aqueous, three-dimensional matrix of structural support that interpenetrates and surrounds all organs, muscles, bones and nerve fibers. It is strong, highly resilient and has self-healing properties. Keeping it well hydrated and juicy is what determines the health, mobility, and integrity of fascia. Most injuries are fascia-related due to dehydration.

Samdhana teaches a number of Myofascial Release Techniques, or MFRT, both manually and with the use of tools such as rubber balls, Gertie balls, and various Chinese Medicine techniques from our licensed acupuncturist, Alicia Cheung. These self-care techniques are not only good for hydrating tissues and encouraging the free flow of Qi, but they also increase proprioception, aid in the prevention of more chronic injuries, and overall, make you feel relaxed, more mobile, and rejuvenated.

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